Did ya have fun failing at the gas station? (16 Photos)

gas station new Did ya have fun failing at the gas station? (16 Photos)

  • memo

    In my country, we have people working in the gas stations who pour fuel into the car, maybe some of those fails could have been avoided i f they do the same.

  • Equalizer

    How hard will it be to gas your car?…

  • EsP

    When I was in High School- 1996, Gas was 99 cents a gallon.

  • Cherry

    half of this are bmw …..why?

  • xclusive02

    It never amazes me how stupid and unattentive people are. WTF PEOPLE!!!

  • Anonymous

    It never amazes me how gay xclusive02 is. WTF XCLUSIVE02…you pussy!!!

  • peaceman

    lol my buddy use to pump gas for poeple and said people rip the pumps off all the time like atleast a couple times a month

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  • robin yates

    the UK is all pump your own gas/petrol so the same sort of dummy is active there

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  • KorovaMilkBar


  • Alex

    Wow this article shows me the Gene Pool that most of the BMW owners come from!!!! HAHAHA 😀

  • One Sick Puppy

    Yeah…it’s that way in a few places in the States as well.

  • LOL

    It’s called a “Full Service” station. That’s how my Mom paid to go to college. (1967-1971) Only female attendant in the whole town. She’d check the wiper fluid/oil/air pressure as well. When I turned 16 it became my job on all our cars. I didn’t care, at least I got to drive! 😉

  • MonkeyMan

    Never post your ugly face again. You make me vomit.

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