Girls will put just about anything in their mouths (15 photos)

a girls stuffing mouth 0 Girls will put just about anything in their mouths (15 photos)

  • Random

    The corn-on-the-cob girl looks so uninterested….

  • xclusive02

    How come no one else has volunteered to stick something in their mouth? Oh wait, it’s just cause Im childish.

  • lina

    most of these girls look 13…wth?

    • Dar

      How in the &^%$ do ”these” girls look 13?????….You girl need your eyes checked asap!

  • Equalizer

    5th picture is cute!!…

  • Cherry

    Oh college days how i miss you…anybody else notice that in the first pic there a little guy in a dick costume, a simple life 2 poster and a smashing pumpkins poster …this girl i salute.

  • EsP

    Your mothers must be soooo proud

  • Anonymous

    bet your mother did the same thing….

  • dino goposaur

    best column ever


    I think I’m in love

  • chivetalker


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  • Wraggle

    Man o’ man this is fucking hot

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  • top dog

    Now thats talent!!

  • td

    second to last… wow. shes even got her eyes looking in the right direction.

  • Jezz

    Girls putting things in their mouth. I love it!

  • MadMan

    14 has side burns man

  • Anonymous

    #14 is a dick grinder, and not in a good way…

  • GR8 Scott

    The girl with the Coors can is using way too much teeth for my liking. Just saying.

  • EsP

    Yea, to your father!

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