Afghan War rug. War propoganda or memorial? (5 photos)

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a world trade center rug asshole 0 Afghan War rug. War propoganda or memorial? (5 photos)

The photos represent what’s called an Afghan War Rug and they are very popular in the Middle East. I’ve heard they are traditional and memorialize war events, but my first thought is that they glorify terrorism. Thoughts?

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  • doyoulikethisgig

    fuckin’ bastards

  • Bianka

    Jesus… That’s unbelievable. I’d love to take one of those and pull it down his throat.

  • Equalizer


  • Bill

    You know the english is really bad and the design is so heavily without meaning that its hard to tell if its promoting what happened or just memorializing the day. To be honest it really does remind me of the poorly designed chinese knock offs like NEKI or Pannasanic so its really hard to tell.

  • awesome.

    oh calm the fuck down. it’s a really bad attempt at a conciliatory gesture. since nobody apparently bothered to read the text on the rug, this is what it says;
    11 September 2001
    the terrors were in hmerida
    first american flight
    second paotuga flight
    Sil(e, possibly b)
    there is no arabic, urdu, pashto, or any other language on it, so thats all we have to work with.
    you’ll note: nowhere does it celebrate a damn thing. well, except for one thing; the dove of peace, holding an olive branch, joining the American and Afghani flags.

  • martim

    indeed, i think its a bad choice of a theme, but seems to have some kind of peace idea behind. In middle east people expose coffins when protest for an attack, and thats no celebration at all.

    good intention, wrong way.

    BTW, how do you know he’s muslin? it is not written in his face.

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  • Chris

    What an asshole. Of course, we all know that the US government was actually responsible for 9/11…

  • Tamer

    Stop being idiots. They are not glorifying the event, this is just a tradition that has taken root in Afghanistan, where they tell stories of conflicts on rugs. For example, there are plenty of rugs that show the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; do you think they are glorifying the Soviet invasion? No, it is simply a visual history of conflicts.

  • Waz

    What assholes

  • Kais

    I am from Afghanistan. This rug is ment to mark the day this tragedy happened. Its a story that they tell becuase the rug makers are usually illiterate. I have rugs at my house that shows helicopters from Russia attaching, Klashnikovs firing. They are telling a story. This rug is saying that on 9/11 an attack happened on America which two planes hit the towers. Then fighting occered(the missle launch) then you see the white dove with an olive branch. The white dove with the olive branch is a symbol of peace in Afghanistan. It is between the flags meaning that there is peace between the two countries and Afghanistan extends the olive branch to the US. Furthermore, the man is muslim, he has a traditional head piece called a “lungi.” In our culture, the way he has placed his hands represents a welcome, a salutation or respect also please take note of the position of his head. Most Afghans when placing their hands on their chest to give salutations will tilt their head in honor of your presence. Trust me this man is a old, gentle sweet person. I will be more than glad to answer any questions anyone has.

  • pundit

    LOL!! Sensationalism got PWND!!! LOL!!!

  • robin yates

    good to see people with brains saw the significance of these rugs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rednecks please go away and do what rednecks do

  • metal_falsetto

    Yeah! This is way worse than all those made-in-China “Never Forget” bumper stickers that people put on their Kias.

  • D

    Wow! No matter what these rugs are saying, I find it hard to believe that so many people posting here actually believe that the U.S. government either conspired, or inspired this event. You assholes have absolutely no evidence to support your claims, but still continue to spew shit from your lips. What a bunch of sad little people…… Make sure to keep watching MSNBC so you can apparently learn the truth about all worldly affairs. I’m sure that they will soon be telling you how the current administration is trying to fuck all of us up the ass too, right? NOT

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  • Leo

    99% of Afghanistans are Muslims, dumbass

  • kill the sandnigger

    no matter what the piece of shits motive is the bastard has no right at all making those crappy rugs, they are horribly made by the way he has no talent

  • One Sick Puppy

    You don’t think out precious and honest government is capable of planning and carrying out such an event??? You are naive to say the least.

    Research, “Project Northwoods”. You will see just what our government is capable of. After you have read that…..get back with me.

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  • Digitsis

    If anyone had bothered to read the text on the rugs they would have realized how offbase they are with their hateful comments. SO much easier to react than learn.

  • bob

    wow chive first you have a rant about the rugs and callin out names like ***** muslim terrorists as soon as you find out ur wrong you edit ur article..this was a bad post chive shame on you a******!

  • awesome.

    Dear Chive,

    Hi again, it’s me, awesome. In the future I would appreciate it if you did not edit your articles in order to cover up what was at best, a knee-jerk reaction, or at worse, blatant racism. When you sterilize your articles (specifically by changing threats of violence into an attempt to have a meaningful discussion about world traditions) it makes those of us who commented on the pre-edited version look silly, or as though we don’t understand the content, whereas the truth is, that distinction belongs to you.

  • Mike

    Dear Chive,

    Wtf are u doing deleting users comments ?
    So you are racist for posting this.
    Then you are ignorant for editing this.
    But deleting comments that is retarded.

  • Achmed Dinejad

    americans are idiots..chive proved it! chive rocks!

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