Welcome to Crapstone, and 10 other towns that got the shaft

town names bad Welcome to Crapstone, and 10 other towns that got the shaft

  • Terrell Clemens

    feels like a few shops.

  • Bill

    Nope those arent shops, try using your friend google. Hell is located in South eastern Michigan about an hour west of Detroit near Pickney and Dexter. Intercourse is legit to and most everyone that doesn’t live in a cave or basement knows about that town. Dildo is located near Trinity Bay Newfoundland while most of the others are in parts of England.

    • Joe pancake

      shit, i must be living in a proverbial cave!

  • Equalizer

    “Hello neighbors! How are you? I just move in Fucking St…”

  • Kayla

    Boner MT, look it up. The spelling varies between bonner and boner, but even state officials use boner

  • Psara

    Fucking was featured on “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” a few weeks ago, very funny. They both refuse to change their name, and refuse to embrace the english speaking tourism it brings.

  • Ollie

    You have to go through Hell to get to Intercourse.

  • Bisho

    They forgot Mount Buggery, near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

  • robin yates

    a small town called Piddle with a river of the same name in Worcestershire, England

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    What about … Seattle?
    (old Simpsons reference)

  • alex

    hav seen this post on many blogs… its too old
    come up with new ones…

  • emily

    I’ve been to wetwang quite a few times… its on the east cost of Yorkshire, England.

  • banshee

    theres a town in in ireland called Muff and believe it or not…it has a diving school – ‘Muff diving school” haha….true story! 😀

  • top dog

    They also forgot the town of wankapud, Naaawwwwwww!! I just made that up.

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