Divorce cakes. There's a 53% chance you're going to eat one (12 Photos)

cake divorce lead Divorce cakes. There's a 53% chance you're going to eat one (12 Photos)

  • Smeckler

    Well now these aren’t divorce cakes, but a fine selection of murder cakes.

  • Digitsis

    my thought as well Smeckler. These are rather gruesome. (And kinda funny)

  • Psara

    11=20? I mean it’s cool if there are only eleven, I’m just concerned about your math skills.

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  • robin yates

    I think these cakes are a way of getting some humour into a bad situation,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  • secret agent

    GUYS. . .whats the secret code to see the last 9 pictures?

  • LOL

    I see 16 pictures. Hmm. God it feels like Monday. 😡

  • Equalizer

    Where can I buy these divorce cakes?…

  • Bill

    Oh yea I think I’ll be getting one of those after I finish school but I wont be paying alimony, foreign lands beckon me.

    About the murder aspect of the cakes, unless you’ve ever been through a nasty break up then count yourself lucky because some women and a few men will make a break up / divorce feel like your being murdered.

  • doodahdoodoo

    just cause your pops dropped $100k on your wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel bad about spending your first alimony check on equally ridiculous and expensive divorce cakes.

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  • diamondsushant

    In Divorce cakes,This shows how much girls are cruel..because they are playing the emotions of your life….

  • Globals

    all good things

  • http://keepingmarriagestrong.blogspot.com/ Anonymous

    Thank you for all the advice, it is nice to be able to have a place to go talk and read about people who are going through the same ordeal I am. Keep Your Marriage Strong

  • manson

    thses crazy muderous women let these dudes into their vaginas at one point

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