That's not who you think it is (15 Photos)

funny jolie lead That's not who you think it is (15 Photos)

Her name is Tiffany Claus and she’s never had any plastic surgery. She’s a professional look-alike and I dare say if I was a look-alike, I’d wanna be an Angelina Jolie look-alike. Hired.

All photos via It looks like some photos are from one of my favorite photographers, Paul Kline. One of the best in the biz.

  • Equalizer

    I assumed that’s Johnny Depp look-alike too…

  • Psara

    I guess she does look quite a bit like Jolie, but you can certainly tell them apart.

  • Bill

    She looks more like Fiona Apple than Jolie to be honest.

  • doodahdoodoo

    she still looks mannish and manufactured, like the original.

  • Jay

    Madonna To Adopt Angelina Jolie – Read about it at

  • lina

    only the jaw line missing…lips and eyes look like angelina jolie

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  • Nv_Me

    She has the same Chapped Lips like the real Angelina. Either way, nice DSLs

  • xclusive02

    Wow. Not too bad. I would be fooled if I saw her in real life.

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  • steve

    I wonder what Santa thinks about all this

  • laidback88

    Way to go, guys

  • Maddie

    i dont spend hours ogling angelina jolie, so that chick woulda fooled me.

  • Hannah

    She has bigger lips than Jolie and she looks sweeter and actually prettier, Angelina kinda always has that look on her face like she’s about to devour you. Love that photo of her playing pool, if I saw a girl like her at the bar I’d pretty much spend the whole night trying to nonchalantly stare at her.

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  • Anonymous

    She looks like vanessa williams in the pic with the johnny depp look-alike

  • pundit

    way to crack the case sherlocke

  • timz76

    way to spell, jackass

  • Nv_Me

    My girlfriend read this and now she is fucking pissed at me!!

  • jexxie

    Then stop posting shit like this.

  • Nv_Me

    Oh, Mamma….

  • Bobo The Piss Clown

    Weight ago

  • Bobo The Piss Clown

    Your saying this girls jaw line is missing?

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