Jessica Lynn Valerio: internet famous for being hot (30 photos)

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  • terry

    no one cares about her face….its all about the ass…. geeze

  • panell gaston pierre

    the things people are saying about he is just trifling OK I'll admit some of her pics with her lips out look stupid but from the neck down she is still fine not saying she is ugly just that some pics the lip thing is just to much she is really sexy and her ass is amazing so amazing that it re-inspired me to practice drawing females again after epic fails so how bout ya just stop hating if you cant say nothing nice than don't say nothing at all and if she is reading this holla at me on the book BK all day every day I'm coming home soon NY

  • steven frijoles

    i bet she would still make that fucking duck face even after i rufied her.

  • aosux

    This bitch should spend the money to remove her bill.

  • SG34

    Wow my heart stopped…….she needs to get naked and make some loochy

  • eerievon

    get this girl to a real photographer pronto

  • raul

    maybe she has a good ass, but, maybe she doesn't have a nice teeth, and well the fact of the lip make me think she just got shaved,

  • Jorge

    Not a single photo of her smiling, it's a fact that these girls have completely forgot how to smile

  • Aleks

    4 points

  • Simonster

    same face much?

  • diller

    Biggest duckface post ever.

  • Anonymous

    its so weird seeing this girl and how popular she got on the internet.. only because i went to school with her since she moved to my town in like 3rd or 4th grade is also weird that alot of these pics are from wen she was really young ahaha… also weird how she has like 400 facebooks aahah .. i have hung out with her in person and would just like to say her ass as just as amazing in person if not better.. prolly better

  • luther t

    wow, which council estate are you staying at?

  • blueandwhite

    I went to high school with her. This is HILARIOUS that I'm seeing her on the Chive… what is the world coming to when Valerio is "internet famous". Thanks for the laugh, seriously.

  • vince

    I would totally do her. I love that she doesn't wear shoes. That makes me think mid-western and the name sounds Mexican.

  • rock reezy

    Her body is on HIT…but that a straight butter face. Seriously !

  • Anonymous

    Holy Fucking Duck Faces, rediculous

  • PDY


  • Jesus
  • Sean

    the chive likes to steal photos from facebook profiles and pretend the girl is so and so google this girls name apart from this page there is no mention of her on the internet at all, tell you why because this girls' name is Catalina Ayala and she is Columbian and lives in Miami.

  • Always Last


  • Todd

    Who is this sexy babe

  • bam

    Eh she ain't that bad but she's famous cause she shares a name with a porn star and she pops up in the search, Jessica Lynn the white girl with the fat ass or the skinny girl with the nice ass either way I'd still whack she look like she could get a rock off

  • Joe

    You're all faggots. Just cause you don't get hot girls you don't have to insult her. She's very hot. It's always the guys that don't get laid that have something negative to say Hahahahaha. Get hotter girls than her and then talk!!!!!!

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