One lucky bear (5 photos)

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a bear saved bridge 4 One lucky bear (5 photos)

As the legend goes…the bear apparently jumped over the edge to avoid the cars and somehow found itself trapped in the concrete girders beneath the highest point of the bridge from Saturday until its eventual rescue at noon Sunday. While the beast was sleeping (yes, sleeping) recuers shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart and was lowered to safety.

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  • DavidT

    Yes….very lucky.

  • LOL

    Google “Bear stuck on bridge”.

    This happened on Rainbow Bridge in California. My Uncle was there. He said it was awesome how everyone pulled together to help this Yogi out. ;)

  • Equalizer

    Great job Green Peace!

  • Chris

    The question is… the hell did he get up there??

  • xclusive02

    Still shocked how he managed to get under the bridge that high. If something jumped off how did it swing back towards the bridge. Oh well, nice story, cool pics.

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