Who's the hotter bikini babe? (26 photos)

hot bikini contest Who's the hotter bikini babe? (26 photos)

I don’t know the names of these 2 vivacious vixens, so I tactfully named them “Wally” and “The Beav” because I can. As I was assembling this post, I couldn’t decide who was hotter, so I leave up to you Chivers. Please comment below and let me know if Wally or Beaver is the victor. And if you happen to know the real names of these dames, I guess you can spoil the fun and leave their names in the comments as well.

  • Akupara

    Beaver. Wally's hot too, but Beaver's in a whole other class of hotness that puts Wally to shame.

    • Rumble

      The Beav. It is all in the eyes. Both are so hot.

  • dipshit

    beaver. wally has a pointy face.

  • LOL

    Leo…DAMN hard decision there. I don’t even have a pecker and I’d still do them both. ;D

    It’d probably be best to have more pictures before picking a winner. 🙂 😉

    • eo2


  • Anonymous

    Wally FTW!

  • Benjiman

    definitely Beaver

  • Anonymous


  • Equalizer

    BEAVER!… BEAVER!… BEAVER!… BEAVER!… BEAVER!… BEAVER!… BEAVER!…BEAVER!… BEAVER!… Leo, tell me please her Name!… DAMN this is FUN!…. I wish you guys will do this again!….

  • Anonymous


  • pete


  • someguy

    Will there be a talent section of this contest?

    I don’t think I can decide without some batton twirling or singing of some sort.

  • bored worker

    wallys beaver, holla

  • dis kid

    i thought the one in the bikini was pretty hot

    • waah

      I link ur thinking Sir…good call! B)

      • waah

        durn fingers…meant like

  • dogbert

    Most of the photos look quite shopped, but damn it – they’re both hot.

  • Kdonkey

    Close call but I have to give it to the Beav!!!

  • Ruben

    Beaver, by a long shot… but I’d still do Wally ; )

  • Anonymous

    The brunette

  • tawd

    they are both pretty generic


    Anyone know the locale? Looks nice.
    Wha- there’s beautiful babies in the pictures – where?

  • Rangerdanger

    Wally. Beaver has that retarded Jessica Simpson look about her.

  • Michael

    Definitely Beaver!

  • JDR

    Hands down the Beaver…Wally has some pics where she has a manish look to her

  • Mike

    they both my wiener go boing!

  • VIn


  • Dylan

    Wally’s real name is Jessica Pace.

  • krekerohan

    I can’t possibly see what it would hurt to call this a draw!

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