Who's the hotter bikini babe? (26 photos)

hot bikini contest Who's the hotter bikini babe? (26 photos)

I don’t know the names of these 2 vivacious vixens, so I tactfully named them “Wally” and “The Beav” because I can. As I was assembling this post, I couldn’t decide who was hotter, so I leave up to you Chivers. Please comment below and let me know if Wally or Beaver is the victor. And if you happen to know the real names of these dames, I guess you can spoil the fun and leave their names in the comments as well.

  • Hmmmm

    Too close to call! Damn you Chive for making it so hard to choose!

  • Psara


  • Library Dude

    Wally, all the way.

  • Roc

    I’ll give it to beaver

  • Jack


  • LokiTheFat

    The Beaver, shes got that real girl next door look

  • battlinjack

    Wally all the way. Beav has a bigger rack but isn’t nearly as cute and Wally has a rocking hard body. If you can get past which one has the bigger boobs you’ll see that Wally is the hottest by far.

  • prtr01

    they both model for Venus Swimwear.

    Wally is Jessicqa Pace, US
    Beaver is Fernanda Motta, Brazil

  • 007

    wally, no beaver, no wally, no beaver, no wally, no beaver, no wally, no beaver, no wally, no beaver, no wally, aaarrrrhhhh4 get it i would do them both (at the same time).

  • Alexio.cz

    I’ve scrolled up and down so many times that now there’s a groove in my browser!

    Too damn hard to answer….

    Somebody suggested they are shopped (in itself an earth shattering event) so what about swapping the heads and go for Bally and give Weaver to your best friend?

    Everybody happy? (or at least 2 guys)

  • bondo

    I would like to see both their wally and their beav !!!!!

  • Faisal Raj


  • Grassley = awesome

    BEAVER! omg beaver, wally is ugly

  • TheC

    Inny > Outty

  • Soutdawg

    Hands down, Beaver all you who picked wally take a closer look I think yall mixed the two up!!

  • Russkie

    Beaver all the way.

  • 2400cc

    Leave it to Beaver!

  • urdad

    Definitely BEAVER.!

  • Rundy

    Beaver , though its very close

  • Tubular Tom

    Which is better?
    It's too hard to decide by photos alone.
    We'll have to resort to the taste test.

    Now, come here Beaver, this won't hurt a bit………

  • Il Duce

    Da Beaver

  • haha

    The beaver definately, but in the pic with the red and white bikini i think they forgot to airbrush out her beaver…

  • Cody

    Definitely Beaver! But Wally is nice too

  • Paul

    April Scott is the Beaver. I'd give it to her hands down.

  • Garth Algar

    I gotta go with Wally…

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