Daily Morning Randomness 9.10.09 (20 Photos)

funny lead tampon Daily Morning Randomness 9.10.09 (20 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    That Hamster with an iPod is cute. Reminds of that movie…

    • lolololo16

      guinea pig ❤

  • bigbag2218

    is that aaron in the last pic?

  • Kimbo

    Heheh. My friend has a dress just like that last one.

  • xclusive02

    yup, realized I made a spelling error. Comes with being human. I’ll work on that for ya. Just what fucking country are you located in anyway?

  • doodahdoodoo

    lol@ #10… the horrifyingly typical side of cosplay

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I wonder if those pictures were drawn first, or were the photos taken first.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Pic number 1 is adorable. You can see the wonder in the youngest expression.
    Gay (prior to the late 60?) was a term that meant that you had a playboy like status. You were free to womanize and had enough clout in the bank to not warrent any kind of hard labor. You were a bachelor.

    Unfortunately, now-a-day this picture mean a whold different thing 😛

    I would love to enlist into that arm in pic #17!

  • xclusive02

    Aaron, that was nice of you to submit your hair dressing kid for us to view. You are such a caring person. Thank you for being you.

  • aaron

    yea and i was having a way better time when they took that picture then you and your whole family living in the back of that truck with the air conditioner in it. I heard they were giving computers to the retarded, good for you for learning how to use one, maybe next time you should trying looking up good insults too.

  • xclusive01

    xclusive, that was nice of you to submit your hairdressing kid (kit)**** for us to view. you are such a caring person. thank you for being you.

  • xclusive02

    YOOOOOOOT chode feggittt im from new sheeeeland

  • SreyaNotfilc

    What movie? G-Force?

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