Is this a stove or a desktop PC? (25 photos)

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a computer stove 28 Is this a stove or a desktop PC? (25 photos)

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  • LOL

    CRAP someone has a shitload of extra time on their hands!! That’s cool but wow…hey, they must not read the chive if they’ve got that much extra time! LOL

  • Equalizer

    If your going to make a customized desktop case why a stove? you can make a washer, fridge, toaster or sports car… but a stove? Anyway, it’s kinda cool too, specially those fake fire…

  • xclusive02

    Fucking awesome. The creativity on this would make me suggest a pot head did it. :)

  • xclusive01

    i know a pot head would do that becuzzz they do that stuff luullllz u are tooo funnieeezzzz xclusive02


  • xclusive02

    Really? That’s all you got. This website was fun before people like you make it a point to insult others. Just enjoy the site for what it and leave Narcissistic bastards like me alone. Way to change to xclusive01 after your xclusive02 experiment started to give me posting points.

  • xclusive02

    I wont die for a long long time, but you are more then welcome to come to my hometown for a good old fashioned throw down.

  • Nick

    wow relax guys, these are just pictures. i dont think throwdowns are necessary

  • Marc

    I don’t understand why everyone is hating on xclusive02. I don’t find his comments particularly offensive, in fact they often are clever and witty.

  • Chris

    pretty cool….but what the hell is the point?

  • xclusive02isgay

    ^i rest my case^

  • Anonymous

    m0derz ROOL!

  • ramndomnoob

    lol, it’s funny how less then half of the comments are really about the pix XD

  • Anonymous

    way to spell random!

  • doodahdoodoo

    the blue flame is the only thing that makes that entire mod worthwhile. ah well, leave it to the czechs, i guess.

  • dumdum

    i’m hereby anonymously challenging the whole fucking internet to a throw down in my hometown.

    i know all the secret spots to spring out from and bash you with a big ass hammer… like conan in a fucking rock fort.

    booby traps, bitches!

  • anaition

    I want this N-O-W!!

  • juha_zr

    lol..this is strange..

  • ya dig


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