• John

    i want to be in the room when they cooked up this idea

  • LOTR sucked

    I smell stardom

  • Francine

    These two will go far

  • chicksndiks

    lol wut?

  • chicksndiks

    who is the proud mother of these angels?

  • Keith

    Come on, everybody has done some goofy stuff when they were young. Its all about the state of mind. For all we know (if it isn’t for some jerks online) these guys will follow their dreams, hit puberty, beef up and become masters at martial arts. Caption just seems mean. I mean you could be doing alot worse things with your mind than exercising your imagination. You could spend your time making fun of goofy teenagers for instance…;)
    I’m not trying to ruin a laugh, just sayin’ (with voice of cnn anchor lady)

  • donkeykong

    That’s actually a pretty awesome pic, go guys!

  • Proctor

    I swear one of these guys is in my class at SDSU

  • nelson

    When your in martial arts, this is the type of pictures you take, like a class picture. The white belt has no business taking this pic cuz he’s a beginner, the 1st degree black belt will probably kick some azz!! They look like nerds, but probably can do some damage, lol.

  • at work

    this is just insulting. i practice martial arts and these guys have no business holding the weapons. the guy in red has his left wrist crooked while holding a dagger, and the sword he’s holding looks like a toy. the guy holding the spear is doing the pose wrong, he is neither blocking or attacking.

    • Erica

      And I am Certain the Martial Art that you use is the only one in the world!

  • Deeken

    Yeah but they could probably kick your A**.

  • Chivism
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