Scientific proof that Macs are sexier than PC's (20 photos)

hot girls macs laptops 1 Scientific proof that Macs are sexier than PC's (20 photos)

  • xclusive02

    …. and now I just wait Great pics by the way. Loved them so much I’ll actually think about buying a mac

  • Equalizer

    (2nd to the last pics:) I wonder what she's doing while chatting online?… hehehe…

    • Guest

      Paradise by the dashboard, er, monitor light

  • Equalizer

    Oh Yah…. I Love MAC too…

  • top dog

    Macs? There are macs in those pictures?

  • Brosef Stalin

    Only goes to further prove that Apple is all about looks and little else.

  • Cmon now

    You missed the best one of all

  • Psara

    Fact: Macs get you laid.

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  • chivefail

    @psara. No. My BMW does. Your Mac does not. Maybe my Alienware…

  • Miller

    You forgot Marisa Miller’s iPod bikini bottom!

  • jj

    now the star wars chick is my kinda girl

  • dumdum

    My dick gets me laid….sometimes.

  • Matt

    PC’s are for the everyman….MAC’s are for people who actually know what they’re doing…

  • everyone

    Hey, Chive. I don't want to play fucking galaga

  • 2cool4skool

    Well played Chive.

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    Interesting how the proof only showed hot chicks. I saw neither macs nor PC's.

    Something smells fishy. Oh wait, its the battery in your mac. It's on fire.

  • xclusive02

    hopefully there is a webcam to show us all what’s going on.

  • that guy

    Yeah I love Media Access Control addresses too.

  • Anonymous

    “You have a MAC?!!?!”

    “YA LOL!!!1”

    “I want to fuck you because you paid out your ass to own that piece of shit! I’m a gold digger.”


    And that’s how we populate the earth with morons.

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