• Equalizer

    Waiter, there is a bug in my soap!…

  • DavidT


  • Gogo

    Actually, I’d try any of these 🙂 Unless the bugs are alive. This gallery woke my hunger !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ewwww that is soo fuckin gross damn

  • blondeCHICK

    I know that I am a blonde but even i know that’s atrocious. I think I’m going to puke…….at a picnic everyone is telling bugs to get away, not welcoming them!

  • anonymousRG

    are you sure that japanese they look chinese

  • beppujpn

    the book is japanese character,

    however, it looks shopped.

    never see anything like that in my 4 years in japan

  • cookiemonster

    i like sushi and noodles but eating insects are just gross

  • Yasir_Khan

    at least they won't starve…:o

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