A true friend. (5 photos)

a green dress funeral 3 A true friend. (5 photos)

This is the funeral of Private Kevin Elliott who was killed during a battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The ceremony was held in Dundee, Scotland. His best friend Barry Delaney wore a green dress to honor a long time agreement that if one of them dies, the other has to wear a bright green dress to the funeral.
Barry said:

“Kev was like my brother – we would have done anything for each other.
We said that whoever died first, the other one had to wear a pink dress with green spots to the funeral – and we shook on it. It was mainly his idea and the more I think about it, I’m sure Kevin knew something was going to happen.
I looked for the exact dress but couldn’t find one anywhere.
I eventually picked up the green one in Primark and bought the pink pop socks to make it look even sillier. It’s what Kev would have wanted.
Kev told his whole family about the pact, so I couldn’t back out. I had a word with him at the graveside and asked if he liked the color – I’m sure I could hear laughter coming out of the ground.
Kev was a true hero and someone I’m proud to call my best mate.”

  • mulki

    mmmm…its a little dusty in here

    • Francisco

      You obviously don't know shit about friendship, i bet you live alone and own 8 cats

  • Heistmonkey

    But… that’s yellow.

  • Equalizer

    His a true friend….

  • SreyaNotfilc

    So sad. It’s cool that he didn’t let the dress stop him from attending the funeral. With the parents knowing about the pact, it made it a lot easier to dress that way. Unfortunately, attending the funeral is just as tough as it would be wearing a suit for this guy.

  • HellHathNoFury

    He may be wearing a dress and looking silly, but he’s more of a man than most I know. He not only was true to his word without Kev there to hold him to it, but he didn’t act stupid, he cried, showed his true feelings and respect for his friend.

  • Digitsis

    This is a good story. Judging by the pact they made,I’m sure these two had a lot of laughs together. He honoured the pact and his friend.

  • Spocker

    Rule #1: Don’t make silly pacts with your best friend.

  • LOL


  • Josh

    I’m from dundee…didn’t hear anything about this.
    pretty crazy though.

  • Nate_karr

    this is sad. it hits me hard cuz i’m here in the desert. i didn’t make any pact like this but i know i have friends back home just like this guy who would honor them if we did…

  • bigdaddy

    top notch!!!!!

  • marc

    sad and beautifull story.

    i am sure your friend is proud about you.

  • sarah

    so sad. Redefines a real man and a real friend. It’s tragic that the world lost his friend, the world needs more light hearted brave men.

  • Mr. Quackers

    This is a very awesome post. Sad, no doubt, but two friends, always there for each other. Not backing down. That is really awesome. Very touching.

  • nobody

    not trying to invalidate his nobility or anything, but i swear that dress looks yellow, and not green. is that just me?

  • Josh

    it’s bright green. fluorescent green.

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  • Anonymous


    • loopy


    • mooseknuckle907


  • Lori

    That’s a true man. Absolutely. I know way too many arses who would never have done that, and way too many who wouldn’t have shown their emotions. Good on him. Good man.

  • Mel Bel

    I LOVE the dress and pink socks! but mostly I love the promise you honored that the two of you made! i wish more of you were like that. The world woud be a better place!


    There must be a strong breeze blowing through the office 😥

  • Globals

    all good things

  • chris

    That's the dumbest thing i've seen today. I bet the last time they seen each other, they were both in dresses. HOMO!!!!!

    • Viking

      Fuck you. Odd thing to do or not, Fuck you. Do you have the balls to do it or be a soldier? Doubtful. If you ARE serving, your the type to suck cock to stay in the back ranks.

    • monica

      Chris, the next time you're going to write something rude and full of ignorance, do it with proper grammar. i.e.- the last time they [SAW] each other…please jump off a tall building. thanks

    • Thor Mannion

      dye bitch

  • BartenderJay

    Awesome. Way to go. Its good men and friends, “brothers” that we need more of.

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