• LIsterine Joe

    there can be only one

  • oozy

    i love the shirt as much as i love the belly button

  • Leo

    oompa loompas are very territorial. they once tickled my dog to death for peeing on one of their legs.

  • Equalizer

    “I told you to wash the dishes before hanging out with your friends!..”

  • geoff

    That looks like the stone circle at Glasto – lots more stranger things than a rampaging oompa loompa were happening everywhere. Tame really!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Most definitely is Glastonbury ’09. I saw the group of lads dressed as Oompa Loompa’s several times, and they often seemed to be wrestling each other. You can see another one trundling up the hill in the background…

  • geoff

    There ought to be a section on here just for Glasto 2009. Good times and strange sights – too many to remember. Roll on 2010!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    Oompa…Loompa…dippity doo…I've got a body slamming for you…. (ignore the fact that the victim has an enlarged cheerio for a bellybutton)

  • Jugendheim

    Well I see I’m too late for your giveaway, but just in time to diovscer a great blog! I love your flowers and your home, and I appreciate the photography tips. I’ll definitely be back again!Happy Monday,Carol

  • Rick

    omg wtf is wrong with his belly button?!?! and what is that weird lump below the belly button??

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Well, with all the Wangdoodles, and Hornswogglers, and Snozzwangers, and rotten, Vermicious Knids terrorizing their land, it’s only natural that they try to take over ours.

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