Chrome Audi R8. Really? (8 photos)

a chrome audi r8 0 Chrome Audi R8. Really? (8 photos)

Eh… Not a fan myself. I actually just purchased a gunmetal black Audi R8 which is much better looking than this gaudy chrome can.
UPDATE: That’s a complete lie. I did not just purchase an R8, but I would really like one.

  • Equalizer

    Reminds me of the back of my iPOD, you will get a lot of smudges on that one…

  • Jon

    I don’t dispute that, that car looks pretty slick. The chrome looks like shite though

  • Scott

    Whomever drives that thing is going to die. Can you imagine driving at it with your headlights on? The reflection will blind you!

  • HellHathNoFury

    it’s so all the shallow girls that only like shiny, expensive things can check thier makeup in it. And wtf, anyone who has ever had the great displeasureof cleaning chrome knows that once you get grease prints on chrome, it is there…forever. no car work for you!

  • 5c0073r

    Its not chrome, its highly polished aluminum.

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  • Tim

    I live in west London and I have seen this car a couple times. Dunno if it was this one exactly but the plates are from the UK so maybe…

  • robin yates

    all Audis are great cars but the R8 is the dogs bollocks,,,,,,,,,awesome !

  • rudeboi

    who the hell is gonna keep that thing clean?

  • Nick

    Its not chrome and its not polished aluminium – its actually a chrome effect foil – I have seen this car in Manchester and close up its full of scratches and looks tatty. The driver also looks like hes got a chromed cock (in his head)!

  • john

    ….so it’s like a chicken in foil then?……

  • Anonymous

    yea not a fan either its terrible. there is such a thing as too much chrome

  • 3mptys3at

    hey you hateful morons, dig deep in your bag of stupid and try to find some commonsense.
    If a guy can afford to do this to the car, then they PROBABLY can afford to pay someone to clean it for them? lmao. Stop being so f****g petty. Car is awesome!

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