Russian gangsters make me proud of American gangsters (22 Photos)

russian gangs funny Russian gangsters make me proud of American gangsters (22 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    (1st picture:) Yah…. use that MANEY and study how to spell English words correctly….

  • HellHathNoFury

    I used to work in south Tacoma, Washington. They had a serious problem with the ‘Russian Mob’. I painted a condo that was bought for a 17 yr old Russian kid. not his parents’ home, HIS home. He drove a new Audi, but his ‘clubbin car’ was a bulletproof Porsche 911. Bullet. Proof. Security cameras, a hole cut into the bathroom cabinet wall to escape to the garage, a miniature Michaelangelo’s David full of money…his parents had some serious enemies and serious money. No jobs. I never felt safe working there. I thought it was a big joke up til then.

  • Scott

    Wow. That’s really sad.

    • Shey R.

      this is why i can safely sleep knowing that Russian cops are about 3 times the bad-ass and only have about half the restrictions

  • One Sick Puppy

    what a buch of dooche bags. lmao

  • Nick

    i really feel like these people would be laughed at and not even taken seriously by american gangs. especially that dumb ass wearing like 6 hats he’d be shot before he could even open his mouth.

  • kirby

    i’d much rather meet american gangsters. russians will kill for anything, ruthless bastards

  • immalawyer

    In the little city in alaska i live in, a couple years ago several russians (russian decent i mean, not literally russian citizens) tied a guy to a chair and bashed his face in and tortured him, I forgot what is was about but I think it was over a dispute about a car or something like that.

  • wha d fuh

    laugh until they start cutting off protruding parts and drown you in battery acid.

  • robin yates

    why do these assholes want the world to see them ? American, Russian, European,,,,,,,,, all sad looking tosspots in my opinion

  • Mr. Quackers

    I can’t believe no one said anything about the crutches. Crutches!! What is it, like a threat, “I’m so tough I’ll put you in crutches!!”? Or maybe he’s ready for the next time someone shoots him in the leg, like “Hey fool, you ain’t nuttin, I’m all prepared unlike you, I’s got crutches.”

  • lalalalalal

    wow… you guys dont see it? most of these kids are just making fun of stupid americans… they are not actually gangsters… probably 70% of these pics are from costume parties… ever heard of ali g?

    • Frankie Muniz

      Yeah that's right stupidity only resides in the American borders.. Fucking moron. Have you been outside of the US?

  • Nick

    And to think, this is one of the most racially intolerant nations in the world.

    These guys make me ashamed to be Russian lol

  • dfgdfg

    I’m not saying, of course, that the guys in the pics AREN’T white trash.

  • Bill the welder

    Having studied the Russian prison system and the mafia and gangs the last thing I would do is laugh in their faces as silly as they may look the whole criminal element is just as rough if not rougher than ours here in the states and the prison system there is the last one that I would ever want to be locked up in.

    • Shey R.

      Which is probably why they are not committing any real crime beyond just writing goofy shit on the walls, and their cash flashing is pathetic (pic 1 that kid has 2000 ruples that is the rough equivulant of 10 dollars)

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    *sigh* When will people stop glorifying the gangsta life? Many gangs in the US do not exist because it’s cool to be in it. They exist because it’s a a way for them to survive. Many members would like to leave and live a better life, but have no resources or the stength to part ways with that system.

    • thatsnotausername

      That’s a total crock.. any one person has the means and abilities to live on the right side of the law if they so wished.. that lifestyle is a choice.

  • peaceman

    most these people think there tuff because they have who in the fuck would get the words red bandana tattooed across there stomach that is the gayest thing iv ever heard of

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  • Kanye

    Imma let you finish, but the USA has the best gangstas of all time…

    • Mothafucka

      They might be the coolest looking and all that but real russian gangsters are ruthless.

  • wordomotha

    all I see is a bunch of retarded kids trynna mimic American gangsta rappers. shit, take a look at Cash Money/No Limit album covers circa ’95, dats where it came from. don’t confuse these kids with the real Russian mobsters. those r some grim and crazy motherfuckers who’ve never seen good life and all they can do is hate, kill and destroy.

    but these pics are funny as fuck though!!

  • nawa

    Are u kidding???those teenagers prob shit on America’s gangsters…REMEMBER their in RASIA were there’s no rules!!!!!!

  • Chris

    That’s some funny shit…what a collection of sorry douchebags…I laugh out loud when I picture their babooshka catching them play gangsta dress-up and then chasing and smacking the shit out of them as they run around crying…

  • Russ

    These aren’t real Russian gangsters. The real Russian gangsters dont take after black people in the US, they have their own style. You’re real Russian gangster you will never know until he is bashing the back side of your head with an iron bar.

  • Eddie

    Russian,white,lame,nothing new.

  • loaded_4_bare

    3 things you never mess with.

    1. Mother Nature
    2. Mothers Love
    3. Motherfuckin Ukrainians

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