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Some grankids get tree houses, and some grankids…. (10 Photos)

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galileo lead photo Some grankids get tree houses, and some grankids.... (10 Photos)

Thanks again to Berry Connell for sending this gem in. Larger photo here.

  • sarno

    kids gonna hurt themselves

  • nyr2k2

    Should I know what that is?

  • Picard


  • Jonathan Passow

    DO WANT!!!

  • Equalizer

    I envy those grankids, they’re allowed to play with electric drill bits!!!…

  • bohous

    I’m pretty sure the grandkids don’t have a clue wtf this is. Methinks the grandparents are fullfilling their own fantasy here.

  • Scifisucks

    I think this is more exciting for the adults who built this than kids….🙂

  • Psara

    I can’t adequately express how much I want that.

  • Don

    I think a wooden model of Angelina Jolies vagina would have been better.

  • robin yates

    I agree with Don,,,,,,,,,,,,,,far more interesting !

  • Jessie

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  • Data

    Lucy ass kid.

  • Kirk Loving Spock Sucker

    shoot, son

    DO WANT.

  • Curiously High

    Man, they shouldn’t have made that out of particle board, it’ll get all warped and rotted within only a few years. They should’ve gone with more expensive (but heartier) building materials.

    Countdown to the project being forgotten and rotting, and becoming a home for raccoons starting now.

  • at work

    lol…its gonna be sex house when the kids grow up

  • Mikey

    I really want this in my backyard!

  • Archie Spires

    I want one SOOOOOOOO bad!

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  • Kirk


  • Ohura LOL

    I officially request transfer to this family. They need assistance finishing this vessel.


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