Some grankids get tree houses, and some grankids…. (10 Photos)

galileo lead photo Some grankids get tree houses, and some grankids.... (10 Photos)

Thanks again to Berry Connell for sending this gem in. Larger photo here.

  • sarno

    kids gonna hurt themselves

  • nyr2k2

    Should I know what that is?

  • Picard


  • Jonathan Passow

    DO WANT!!!

  • Equalizer

    I envy those grankids, they’re allowed to play with electric drill bits!!!…

  • bohous

    I’m pretty sure the grandkids don’t have a clue wtf this is. Methinks the grandparents are fullfilling their own fantasy here.

  • Scifisucks

    I think this is more exciting for the adults who built this than kids…. 🙂

  • Psara

    I can’t adequately express how much I want that.

  • Don

    I think a wooden model of Angelina Jolies vagina would have been better.

  • robin yates

    I agree with Don,,,,,,,,,,,,,,far more interesting !

  • Jessie

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  • Data

    Lucy ass kid.

  • Kirk Loving Spock Sucker

    shoot, son

    DO WANT.

  • Curiously High

    Man, they shouldn’t have made that out of particle board, it’ll get all warped and rotted within only a few years. They should’ve gone with more expensive (but heartier) building materials.

    Countdown to the project being forgotten and rotting, and becoming a home for raccoons starting now.

  • at work

    lol…its gonna be sex house when the kids grow up

  • Mikey

    I really want this in my backyard!

  • Archie Spires

    I want one SOOOOOOOO bad!

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  • Kirk


  • Ohura LOL

    I officially request transfer to this family. They need assistance finishing this vessel.


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