Strange human-like creature found in Panama (4 photos)

a panama creature alien 3 Strange human like creature found in Panama (4 photos)

Four teens were playing near a waterfall in Panama over the weekend when they encountered this hairless animal-human-like creature.
Out of fear, the teens proceeded to throw rocks at it, killing the “beast”. Zoologists in Panama said they’re not sure what it is, but it appears to be a dead fetus of some kind. I’m callin’ bullshit.

  • Will

    It's a sloth that, for some reason, lost its fur. In the video you can see the claws really well…it's a sloth.

    • jla!!111

      I agree, although it's still very, very freaky. DX

  • Equalizer

    It’s ET… Can’t you see the resemblance?…

  • Ben

    it look a lot like a decomposing sloth that’s been in water for a long time!

    • Brandon

      You obviously didn’t read that the teens killed it, so how could it have been decomposing?

  • Nv_Me

    Killing it with rocks? I am also calling Bravo Sierra!!

  • Al

    I think it’s a failed cloning experiment.

  • Jake

    It is a deformed sloth.

  • Nv_Me

    It is a Sloth…..but the one from the Goonies…….Minus the Superman Shirt…..

  • aaron

    baxter english please, you know i dont speak spanish. Translation anyone?

  • Digitsis

    It’s a shaved sloth



  • Kele

    Well who the heck shaved the poor thing??

  • dimedime

    definately a sloth

  • Equalizer

    Yah, a shave, angry, fast moving sloth attack the kids… Who would believe that? My teacher does not even believe me when I said my dog ate my homework….

  • bohous

    I’m pretty sure it’s your mom.

  • doodahdoodoo

    It’s Gollum… watch out he’ll stab your eyes in your sleep! Sloth my ass…

  • w3rw0lf

    Definately a turtle without shell.

  • Anonymous

    its either a dead bloated sloth, your mom, or a aborted ET zombie fetus!!

  • aaron

    it’s a bloated sloth…..on a side note “bloated sloth” may be the greatest band name of all time.

  • huh

    Poor Michael Jackson.

  • Gogo

    Any chivers missing ?

  • Rev. Irwin

    A turtle cannot exsist without its shell, that’s one of the most retarded explanations for shit like this and the Montauk Monster. Very sloth like but why so bald, feck knows if you ask me.

  • Magic

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    • The Donger

      you suck

  • bill

    I think I work with this dude.

  • Miharu

    Even after he grew up, life sucked for the Eraserhead baby.
    Just kidding, but, seriously, does anyone else see the resemblance?

    • saldillo

      Totally! I was thinkin the same thing! Now,where is the singing lady in the radiator?

  • GermanGirl

    Okay only two possible explanations here:

    skinned sloth….. or some f-ed up turtle

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