Strange human-like creature found in Panama (4 photos)

a panama creature alien 3 Strange human like creature found in Panama (4 photos)

Four teens were playing near a waterfall in Panama over the weekend when they encountered this hairless animal-human-like creature.
Out of fear, the teens proceeded to throw rocks at it, killing the “beast”. Zoologists in Panama said they’re not sure what it is, but it appears to be a dead fetus of some kind. I’m callin’ bullshit.

  • LiaMMV

    Turtles don’t have nipples. Also the limb attachments are all wrong for any sort of reptile. It does look very sloth like, but it being hairless, and allegedly alive and cave dwelling raises a lot of questions. There’s so much secrecy in the world I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the product of some failed experiment, though if that is the case it’s likely that this will blow over with no further questioning. Has anyone bothered to go back and try and find it? A DNA sample would clear this up in a jiff.

  • ...rofl...

    It’s a sloth that a bunch of kids killed, They thought it was a alien.

  • vicdamone505

    It is kevin federline

  • mrHanky

    its obviously Michael Jackson…, he was after the teen boys and they responded in self defense.

  • Dean

    Its a pigman Jerry, I think the government is involved.

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  • B*tch_in_a_uniform

    Oh yeah…it totally is a sloth………..what the f*ck is a sloth!?!?

  • MingoTheJedi

    Looks like the turtle from Never Ending Story finally came out of it's shell.

  • jrod

    It's Justin Beibers career.

  • Psara

    I’d listen to them.

  • kurt


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