Daily morning randomness (23 photos)

a funny random dasfdfsa 20 Daily morning randomness (23 photos)

  • Equalizer

    (4th picture:) Answer: The hot girl from the right…

  • Booboob

    The couple with the banana made me laff so hard I farted

    • BigBig

      After reading your comment I farted so loud I laughed.

  • robin yates

    as usual,,,,,,,excellent pics,,,,,,,thank you

  • Magic

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  • refresh

    exellent pics

  • chubby

    The little policeman on his tiny horse was actually an advertisement from an insurance company here in the Netherlands.

  • LilBastard

    three of those things do not belong there…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    This is what went through my mind while looking at that picture.

    Hmmmm, the middle is not a looker. Wait, the girl on the left isn’t good either. Hmmm, Ash Ketchum WTF? Hmm…. Ohhh… I get it. The one on the right, ha ha…ha.

    *smacks head*

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