Japanese teen bedrooms are perfectly normal, not weird (20 Photos)

rooms lead japanese Japanese teen bedrooms are perfectly normal, not weird (20 Photos)

  • jozef

    fuck anime

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Lol @ pic #10. Pic 5 is great also. So many love pillows. I guess a different gal for a different night?

    Actually, this looks like something my sister would love to live in. She’s a big time anime fan. She has a wall full of manga. She’d be in heaven there.

  • Equalizer

    Some of them were Japanese Porn Anime…

  • s3xt0y

    wow, look at all that gay ass anime, what a waste of money.

  • roberto

    pervert nerd’s paradise

  • roberto

    cuando veo esto solo pienso en todo el dinero desperdiciado……………… malditos

  • Onoir

    Can you still call them weeaboo if they’re Japanese?

  • crystal

    Obviously its a lonely white virgin males room

  • robin yates

    tidy,,,unlike most teens bedroom

  • random

    it would appear that japanese teens don’t sleep, i didn’t see a single bed in any of those pics

    • Flicka

      That's what the folded pillows in the closet are for.

  • Magic

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  • Greg

    @random: it’s because japanese often sleep on futon they will only put out of the closet when they want to sleep. When space an issue, having a bed is just plain stupid.
    Get a passport and go see the world, douche

    • Flicka

      You are correct. Also, insulting.

  • hannah

    i love the hentai 😛



  • s


  • Psara

    Do want

  • Richie

    Of course the rooms are all nerdy… all the Japanese university students do to the kinky love hotels to shag like rabbits and scream like… well… I dunno what you’d call it but Japanese girls make weird noises when they have sex!

  • CT

    Most of them stolen from Danny Choo.


    These are user-posted rooms. 95% of them are not from Japan.

  • Anonymous

    I like how this is mocked, but if you replace the walls of manga and anime with sports shit it’s totally acceptable.

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  • Dani


  • dingo

    i would love to have the room with the checked floor

  • Fruit of My Loom

    The only thing I can see weird about 3 down is the fact that they own and XBOX 360 and no PS3…surely sacrilege for your average Japanese….?

    HellHathNoFury, anything to say on the matter?

  • ella

    Thats th e thing about Japanese things they all amount up to small expensive things that make any room look cluttered -___-

  • Frater Nihilius

    What the hell, people, don’t you have better things to do than post random comments for random people you’ll never meet to read about some topic you won’t even be thinking about tomorrow? Except…I’ve done it too now…Awwww FUCK!

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