The Chive mailbag! (23 photos)

a hot sexy chiver fans 17 The Chive mailbag! (23 photos)

Are you hot? Do you have a friend who is hot? Send us your photos! Do it.

  • Equalizer

    The girl from the 11th picture is HOT!!!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Who’s that angel in pic #4. I wish it was a clearer picture.

  • Anonymous

    Same pose, Same packed on makeup, Same high Mtc witless wonders. I will take me a good old fashioned corn fed white girl over these dimwits anyday.

  • Dani555

    hi.i like u.

  • roberto

    the last is the best

  • immalawyer

    again with the freakin fish-face……

  • Magic

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  • pundit

    Plus – you would take anything that touched you….so your defense mechanism of “these girls are too high maintenance” is uber lame….people like you all over the internet.

  • Evihc

    Attention hoes…i’m lovin’ it.

  • cnut

    haha what is wrong with you people.. as with most of these lists they are just normal looking people, yet in the comment section theres always derogatory remarks.
    the only people who call girls attention whores are the ones that arent getting any attention themselves, i dont blame you for being bitter.. most of you reek of the stench of unwashed pseudo intellectuals who finds comfort in teh internet and the power of anonymity that it gives:

  • gOOOOOU!

    What if your mom was like this as a teen? The internet is turning girls into skanks… i would shoot my sister if she acted like this. I bet all of these girls brothers are some square ass knocks

  • Matt

    can I get a hotness!!! DAMN!!!

  • cheezebits

    More like The Chive hotbag of sex!

  • RocknRoll

    yep, I think I'd give part of a finger for #11. More of her any day!

  • pundit

    Good thing you dont judge a book by its cover….trash deserves trash….whatever package its in. Enjoy your mayonnaise and white bread sandwich.

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