Daily morning randmomness (25 photos)

a britney spears 9 Daily morning randmomness (25 photos)

  • SreyaNotfilc

    @ pic 9
    (in a low husky voice)
    Dance Chalupa, dance…

  • Xac

    4th pic from bottom. Not so WTF. It is a doll. I can’t see why it is WTF.

  • Equalizer

    That hamster with iPod is cute.

  • modianos

    whats with all the repeats? some ive seen several times.

  • Psara

    How is that coloring a fail? They colored that perfectly!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Stop making that duckface!!!! The only time I want to see your lips all puckered up and your hair pulled back is…well, not in your damn picture

  • bigdaddy

    well said HHNF!!!

  • bigdaddy


  • top dog

    That chihuahua picture is just not right. The chimp with the big nutts, now THATS funny!!! He’s just letting it all….er.. hang out.

  • LegionDairy

    congratulations peoples! youre on the internets!

  • at work

    the chick in the bikini jumping with the hose has a hot body

  • JTP


  • Vivek

    Violence isn’t coming from reoligin, reoligin is used as a mask for violence. Even the crusades were more about greed than reoligin. It was about trade routes, land for nobles extra kids (only the first usually inherited) and straight up plunder.

    • Dictionary

      Public school? That's ok that's why we have spell correct religion

  • Shaaawn

    all the pics have britney spears tags lol.

  • w3rw0lf

    It’s a guinea pig 😉

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