Dude, your nipples are bleeding. (12 photos)

a nipple chaffe bleed 7 Dude, your nipples are bleeding. (12 photos)

  • Pi

    Wow, but that’s a LOT of blood!
    i dont think i even bled when i pierced my nipples, and these guys bleed like they’re about to feed lil’ dracula

  • Carl

    SImply put, if you are a guy and you run a marathon without nip guards, vaeline, or body glide, this will happen to you. Fricton for 26 miles can get ugly. However, I can’t understand why these people are so stupid – they would have trained for the race, so it should be no surprise.
    For those who only run shorter distances – this generally won’t happen in a 5K. 10K you can get sore nipples. Half marathon and marathons you can bleed.

  • Anonymous

    it’s called runner’s nipples (like runner’s knee). yup, that’s because it chafe’s on the shirt. women don’t get that cause of their sports bra.

    it doesn’t really hurt (must be the adrenaline during running)

  • http://Www.youtube.com Faruk Ansary

    Only 11 to 15 years old boys niple and body image ,video

  • sanjay

    shock after seeing this.

  • Absolute

    I've had this happen before, on half-marathons. It's the abrasion of the shirt against nipples – don't happen to girls if they're wearing sports bras, since they have a layer to stop the shirt from rubbing. But as posted earlier, it's not a problem if you wear proper anti-chaff (or body glide) over them.

    It's just like wearing proper shoes…. always make sure you've got the right equipment and clothing!

  • Josh

    Never had this happen while I was in the military and we ran a lot. Freaking weird people with wussy nipples! Are those shirts made out of 50 grit sandpaper? Buy softer shirts to run in. Morons.

  • Mr.s

    Women produce milk from their nipples and men produce blood?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Me neither.

  • HellHathNoFury

    And you must be the picture of health.

  • Psara

    Yeah all I could think was Ed Helms.

  • Anonymous

    You answered your own question. You’re a female. Your tits are nice and tight in your shirt. Men’s nipples bleed because they chafe against their loose shirt.

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