Yu Zhenhuan: the Chinese 'Cousin It' (16 photos)

a harriest man alive 0 Yu Zhenhuan: the Chinese 'Cousin It' (16 photos)

  • Jim

    So easy a caveman can do it.

  • tim

    how did he get those chix

  • kirby

    isn’t there brothers that are even hairier than this man?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Quite the ladies man I see. Play on playa

  • Anonymous

    looks like Dave Attell

  • Equalizer

    WTF! How did he end up with a cute girl like that one?

  • lina

    i kinda felt sorry for him at first but he seems so happy and he has a beautiful girl….good for him 😀

  • Evihc

    Hey guys, chill out. That girl is not hot at all, she’s just a common chick in China.
    Leave your computer keyboards and go to visit China, you’ll see real hot chicks.
    In U.S and A, you know our chicks are fatty. Don’t get confused by skinny, bony, boobsless, flatbutty chicks because you haven’t banged a real chick for a long time (your hands don’t count).

    As for the dude, he should have his hair tainted in blond. People will then call him the living Sun Wukong also known as the Chinese Tale ‘Monkey King’).

  • Scott

    I love how he’s covered in hair, yet he’s balding. God’s really fucking with this guy.

  • Mr. Quackers

    At least he looks well groomed and clean.

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  • Hooray for hairy

    Sad to think some people have to deal with these sorts of problems. Good to see he has himself a lady though! Good for you Chewy!

  • http://chidolandia.com/index.php/2009/09/yu-zhenhuanel-hombre-mono-chino-un-hombre-sin-pelos-en-la-lengua/ Yu-ZhenhuanEl Hombre Mono Chino!! un Hombre Sin Pelos en la Lengua! |

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  • timz76


  • Hipstersipliquidshit

    no you dumb idiot hes bitten by a werewolf and the girl is blind

  • hmm

    he was found by a hongkong film agent when he was 7 and yet made his 1st TV show series which is written for him. he is an actor, can u believe it

    this guy is a fighter, sure he deserve some chix , i cant imagine how he get through his childhood ,must be very very hairy….

    hollywood should make a film about him haha

  • wiiwwi

    omg this guy can easily blend in the rain forest, and take some photos for Animal Planet , thats definitely why god made him , an exclusive gorilla cluster stalker

  • nogalito

    @Evihc ive been to chine a few times and 8 out of ten girls on the street are ugly as hell. If you go to a club or something the odds get a little better

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    there are a couple of guys like this also in mexico

  • icantbelieveyouvedonethis

    Turns out you can get girls if 1). you are hairy and 2). you don’t post 100 pointless comments on this site per day. Disappointed?

  • aaron


  • Booboob

    Who are you talking to you nutbag? Have you heard of caps lock? And it’s not a disorder it’s an abnormality. You being a fucktard is a disorder

  • apemanwalking

    thats how u get AIDS, u dumb

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