I wish Hipsters lived in sewers (15 photos)

a gypsy hipster 2 I wish Hipsters lived in sewers (15 photos)

  • Anonymous

    half of those are just crossdressers…..not hipsters

  • HellHathNoFury

    First pic, on the right..is that…no it can’t be…DJ Jazzy Jeff from Fresh Prince!
    I know it’s not, but really looks like it.

  • bored worker

    nothing but faggots

  • LOL

    Seriously…would any woman in her right mind have sex with these guys?! Seriously?

  • jozef

    beat em to death

  • TERR

    First pic looks like Kanye to me, but most of these aren’t hipsters. The sixth pic looks like a somali pirate.

  • Equalizer

    My eyes now hurts

  • Digitsis

    Is that a geico cave man?

  • Anonymous

    Holy fuck, most of these are gayer than cum on a mustache.

    But, #6 is a fucking awesome Somolian pirate.

  • robin yates

    strange looking people,,,,,,,, why are they dressed like this ?

  • bang

    So hipster is the politically correct word for retarded faggot?

  • Mr. Quackers

    Soooo, I don’t get it, are guy hipsters gay? Like is that a prerequisite? To be a guy and a hipster I guess gay is mandatory, good thing I’m not a hipster or my girl would be disappointed. Lol.

    • Columbo

      Your girl is ficticious so no worries there

  • blueberryvoodoo

    i mean, i get the novelty of movies set in dystopian futures where everyone dresses wild and this somehow validates them as individuals, but i’d rather wait until we’re closer to the nuclear holocaust to look this retarded and call it “fashion”, kthx

  • Bernard

    its sad to see suck close mindedness

  • Hipstersipliquidshit

    hipsters are not human. theyre a pile of dog liquid shit

  • mudslngr1

    So are 99% of all so called “hipsters” homosexuals or do they just look that way.
    Wierd huh?

  • Jaf

    3 of the guys in the first pic are a collective known as Sa-Ra Creative Partners. They make some of the freshest music I’ve ever heard, although sometimes one of them (Taz Arnold) can overdress and look like a Christmas tree.

  • Eamer

    Some are just people wearing i guess what ever they can get there hands on but the other half, DAMN, they rock.

  • tyrone mixon

    they look like gay clowns, not that there’s anything wrong with clowns.

  • whiterabbit

    Please, just tell me they’ re all invited to the same bad-taste-party?!

  • NoSoup4U

    I don’t know who writes this sh*t but you are an idiot.I hate hipsters and I know one when I see one, and half of these dudes aren’t hipsters. Some of these dudes are clearly gay( that fool has on a dress) and most others the are just H.A.Ms. Get it together man.

  • turkatron

    you know what's so ironically ironic about hipsters being ironic? they're doing it to show that irony is the most sarcastic form of humor therefore showering the world with their ironic tastes in music, style, and their 'statements'. they know that you know that they know they're just doing it to be ironic. but really they just have bad taste in music, clothes, and life choices. isn't that fucking ironic? you know just posting this i'm feelin the irony.

  • Sirgallahad

    The part that TERRIFIES me…

    Is the fact that some HIGHLY attractive Hipster-chick would let one of those fuck bags put "It" into her.

    It's like those guys stepped on a land mine in a goodwill super center and THOSE are the articles of clothing still stuck to them.

  • pundit

    thats totally Kanye right?

  • modianos

    none of these guys would have sex with a woman. especially kangay west.

  • arielbarks

    ehhh, i don’t think they would. i wouldn’t. any man who dresses like he wants me to think he’s gay should hopefully rule out any action….but maybe fat chicks?

  • Kanye

    Thats him for sure!

  • Joe K

    Haha exactly

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