• Equalizer

    Just because they have the oil.. they can have what ever they want…

    • Nader

      Actually Dubai has no oil, which is why they were bankrupted last month!
      It’s not the oil that matters, it’s the brain.

  • hmmmm

    food must suck. . .there is no one there

  • s3xt0y

    wow thats amazing, who is the owner?
    so I can kidnap him and force him to sign over the lease.

  • ImTherious

    Nice Islamic scriptures to go with the beer.

  • zome

    Great foood and ambiance,
    why not have it as a night club!!!

  • incredible tub

    buddy that isn’t islamic scripture. it’s arabic poetry, and they don’t serve beer at any mall in dubai

  • maniac

    the food is soooo goood!!!! I wish if thy wr serving beer but it’s in a mall 😦

  • philDAshill

    people are so retarded when it comes to the middle east. they see some arabic, FUCK THAT MUST BE THAT FUCKING KORAN THING FUCKING FUCKS. these people had an advanced civilization while your ancestors were still living in caves grooming each other’s lice away.

  • Odd Jobb

    Actually, alcohol is served in Dubai as long as they have a licence. Dubai is one of the more liberal states of the UAE (there are 7 states). However, you must also have a licence to server alcohol at home as well. If caught, the homeowner and the person who accepted the drink can go to jail.

  • Hady

    i’m the worst for this one! sometimes i feel like i find very triaceve gifts…and at other times, it’s just nothing. flat, nothing. such is the case for the Mr. this Christmas. I plan on making something that I had wished I gave him for our wedding–but of course…the getting around to doing it part is what needs help. Favorite gifts that I’ve received–things for the kitchen! I have every appliance under the sun, as my family knows that I love to cook. It goes a long way in having a short wedding registry (which helps, if your family isn’t used to a registry in the first place!). As for stocking stuffes, I love going to Daiso (the Japanese dollar store), and finding random household things..then mixing it with beauty products, candy, or whatever else I know the family can use.Whew…that was long! xx

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