Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

win horse lead Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    Holy crap, that guy cut off the fat girl’s stomach and wrote the weight on it! Don’t sit on it, dude!

  • Bartgatsy

    wow, hellhathnofury is kinda hot. am i joining that party too late?

  • Gogo

    Oh, the douche-force in this tattooed one is so strong !

  • Digitsis

    ‘dicky do’ – heh.
    I like the horse-limo.

  • Anonymous

    The ‘guy’ with the tattoo looks camper than a row of tents.

  • robin yates

    some excellent,,,,,,, some crap but as usual,,,,,thank you

  • Equalizer

    What kind of fish is that?

  • bewbiegirl

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  • top dog

    A limousine horse? cool.

  • piglet.feather

    hahaha that dog costume is the best thing i have seen this year.
    what a treat.

  • KoreansMakeMeSick

    Im gonna stab you all in the face.

  • KoreansMakeMeSick

    me no likey pretzels.

  • Underhill

    The gal in #5 has got to think she's hot.

  • Scorned


  • LOL

    You finally catching on to that train? The rest of us have known about that for what, a couple months now? 😉

    Total WIN on the dog costume. 😀

    The photographer is 1) doing it WRONG…the chicks are supposed to be 1/2 naked and 2) he has a dickydo! (Redneck translation: his belly sticks out farther than his dicky do.) 😉

    Ok…so I wasn’t so silent! LOL

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, thanks. I grew me myself!

  • doyoulikethisgig

    would somebdy block this piece of shit already. nobody wants to go to your fucking website bitch.

  • doyoulikethisgig

    Yeah, and nice capri pants, too.

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