Bows, Arrows, and my heart (6 Photos)

arrow girls lead Bows, Arrows, and my heart (6 Photos)

This gallery is from i-am-bored, a GREAT site.

  • Equalizer

    Look at all those boobies!!!, BTW what is this post is all about?…

  • heref

    I clearly have thw wrong hobby

  • Bartgatsy


  • awesome

    wow.. Does anyone know or have any more photos of the 1st and 2nd-to-last women on this? Amazing.

  • Anonymous

    same girl and yes she is HOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Only 3 out of the 6 know how to shoot a bow…
    And shooting with huge boobies makes life more difficult. No wonder the girl shooting compound shoots it as she would struggle with recurve.

  • Anonymous

    Careful you could poke someone’s eye out, oh and the bow is dangerous too.

  • hannah

    2nd to the last girl is my favorite. 😛

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  • chiv

    What’s with the photoshopped bow on the last pic?

  • deaddrift

    Amazon warriors were said to cut off their left tit so it wouldn’t interfere with drawing a bow.

    They sure as hell wouldn’t get implants like “2nd to last girl” did.

  • deaddrift

    Oh yeah, and gal #4 is holding her bow UPSIDE DOWN.

  • Frearthandox

    I went to highschool with the chick in the first pic and she’s not the same as the one in the 2nd to last pic.

    • angel

      In response to Frearthandox you must not have went to school with the girl in the first pic because you would have know that it is in fact the same person as the 2nd to the last girl, and I would know because they are both me.

      • Smeagol

        Well, I am in lust with both of you.

      • Lefty

        You are beautiful. Do you hunt or just target shoot?

  • punk

    I want to be an archer now.. XD

  • BoobArchery Fan

    I'd like to see more of the first and last please

  • Ivan

    Who is that last girl? I have seen her before.

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  • John Bryan Castro

    i need some hot girls in here….

  • Equalizer

    Oh, and another thing… John you forgot to put the sign “Posted at the” in some of the pictures.

  • hmmmm

    that would be because John is a pimp, player, and hustler

  • LOL

    Equalizer, he didn’t forget. He got these pictures from another web site, He didn’t put thechive logo on them because of that.

    And the post is about women with weapons and great racks/bodies. (I wish there were a couple rifles/handguns/shotguns in there…but hey, bows & arrows will get the job done too.)

    What else do ya need to know? 🙂

  • hmmmm

    way to edit my comment dick cheese., your still a theif

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