Monday motivation (25 photos)

a motivational funny poster u Monday motivation (25 photos)

  • Equalizer

    I’m sure that Ramen taste good…

  • s3xt0y


  • katie

    i dont get the bad luck one…?

    • 2857

      chick in the background – chain on her chair just snapped

  • Kyle

    For the bad luck one, stop looking at the girl and move your eyes to the left a bit.

  • Anonymous

    the girl in back…her swing broke ^

  • katie

    oh shit

  • Anonymous

    You shouldn’t store bullets in magazines, it wears out the spring much faster and causes stoppages.
    (Look at me making comments like I know what I’m taliking about)

  • Anonymous2

    Actually keeping loaded mags loaded doesn’t do anything to them -it’s the actual loading and unloading process that wears out the spring.

  • Don

    The last one, “Holy Shit” is just an instance of someone with thyroid issues. Furthermore, it is not even funny. If one takes a break from corn chips and masturbation and goes outside, one will find people of all sorts of sizes and issues. Some are even quite small. Most of those are called “children” and then there are people with different skin color, hillarious.

    • James

      I think the last one is his mother or something <.<

  • Spiderpig615

    HOLY CRAP the last one is just horrendous! Sad that still someone will tap that.

  • Joana

    haha! love this list. 20 minutes from the beach! wow! best of both oldwrs….disney & the beach woohoo i think i would feel the same way about having cable teehee

  • ash

    please stop posting pictures that make fun of overweight people,you might think its hilarious but life isnt easy for those who are overweight and you have no right to make fun of them,also i figured you guys displayed enough senstivity not to put pictures making fun of somebodies religion,i guess i figured wrong

  • Anonymous

    lol, this ‘construction’ with hot water is made by polish student… i’m proud that to see this on english website:D

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