The Devon GTX (8 photos)

devon gtx 9 The Devon GTX (8 photos)

Noted Swedish designer Daniel Paulin has created a design masterpiece for Devon Motorworks. With a subtle blend of muscle and curves, the design navigates between the past and science fiction. Paulin’s new design language gives the Devon GTX a classical yet futuristic line with exquisite shapes, making it a beautifully designed Supercar in the modern mold.
The interior of the Devon GTX is a Miesian “less is more” design inspiration, as the clean electronic dashboard further demonstrates the intent of Paulin’s vision. A neo-retro gear lever sprouts from the central transmission tunnel, topped by a white gear knob. The shifter connects the driver to the machine, mind with engine.
The Devon GTX is a pure driving oriented vehicle where design intent is all about simplicity, functionality and beauty. Among the most striking visible features are wheel surrounds over both the front and rear wheels which are a different color to the rest of the body. The swooping lines and minimal overhangs achieve the vision of inspiring the future of the sports car. Devon Motorworks will introduce the Devon GTX at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours. [SOURCE]

  • Equalizer

    Santa, I want that for Christmas!!!

  • robin yates

    beautiful,,,,,,,,, but is it green ?

    • Antt

      No. It's black.

  • darsh

    Cool, super ! Et je la mets ou la plaque d’immatriculation ??

    Et “Dans ton cul” n’est pas une solution envisageable.

  • chacha

    6 speed, ugh lol, i bet thats the s package, i got the automatic ltd trim, umm its pretty sweet lol

  • Lucas521

    Great car but one problem – its based off of a Dodge Viper – which will no longer be made so this car will never see the light of day beyond the two test cars that were built. Its a damn shame too.

  • Merovingian

    So it’s an American copy of a TVR?

  • Antt

    Looks like a TVR platform

  • Swamper

    It’s disgusting!

  • Bill the welder

    Spoken like a true fag

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