Colonal clownshoes (20 photos)

a funny soldiers goof 12 Colonal clownshoes (20 photos)

  • Equalizer

    That Chinese Airforce pilot is cute!!!

  • LOL

    The faces of the guys looking at the legs…those are priceless!

    Yep boys…that’s what you’re fighting for!

  • robin yates

    those sad people who camup just to watch a tv show

  • WTF

    lol at the drill sergeant screaming at the teddy bears

  • brandon

    the squirrel reminds me of conker's bad fur day and also the teddy bears

  • Joe

    lol the last one was awesome.

    and I don't thinks she was chinese.

  • B45op

    the third last one, Only in africa

    • martin

      thats just to control the barrel, if its dirty or rusty

      • marti

        …ehmm but i would take out the mag :>

    • steve

      thats actually a good way to see down the barrel, your thumb goes over the firing pin for safety, and your thumb nail reflects light up the barrel, and the barrel should appear mirror clean. I know it went against everything I ever heard about gun safety when I first saw this.

  • sara

    Sad the donky…i can imagine how hevy was that missil

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Dibs on the fighter pilot!

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