Daily morning randomness (29 photos)


  • Equalizer

    save the pandas…

  • kirby

    i want one of the mac stickers

  • Bill the welder

    Where ever you are your never far from a big mac.

  • peaceman

    that guy on the motorcycle shouldnt have a kid

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh an apple on a peach.

  • eric

    deep throat competition

  • Michael

    and practically fall down beacsue I get so dizzy. I can feel the pain thumping in my back. I can’t even bend over to pick something up without being in so much pain. I lay on my back to go to sleep, but there’s so much pressure and I have to lay on my stomach, which is bad for my back. No one is listening to me. It’s to the point where my mom doesn’t even believe me anymore She thinks it’s just pain I have to deal with. And I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t deal with waking up every hour, every night beacsue of my back. I can’t deal with the burning and itching. I can’t deal with having to lay down every 3 or 4 hours and having to crack my back. (I lay on my side and thrust my leg up toward my chest, then the other. It sounds like a bendy straw both times). I can’t find any site online with a symptom checker, where you can choose more then one area ( Like WebMD, you can only choose one area, I need to be able to choose my back, abdomen and private areas, all at once). Please help This is ruining my life, I had to quit my job (as a photo editor), me and my fiances sex life is being ruined, which is irritating both of us, and we can’t even sleep or cuddle how we want beacsue it hurts my back too much. If I go to the doctor without any ideas of what’s going on, I know they will just blow it off as a pulled muscle. Please, I just want help.I’m NOT pregnantAnything that can be detected by pee, I DON’T have, beacsue they took a sample and ran a bunch of tests that all came up clean.i dont have diabetes

    • matt

      I have had the same for 20 years. Stop cracking your back. The grinding cracking sensation might give immediate relief but will worsen your back by inflaming the siatic nerve. 2 things: remedy & pain management.
      1. The pain is cause by the inflammation of the nerve which gets trapped when you bend over , pick up a weight, even to tie a shoelace…anything, bad furniture even. The spine inclines with you and pinches the nerve, the most extreme case of this is the slipped disc. Never bend over without supporting all your weight on your knee with at least one arm. Tie shoes n put on socks while sitting down. The weight on your back causes the problem so sitting up straight puts overload at the front of the spine, driving or watching tv, always lean back with the spine straight/ supported to take the weight off. There's an art to taking the weight off your back, learn it as you go but the principle is this no weight above the waist, shopping, anything, not till you're better. Lose any belly fat too. Lying on your stomach (if fairly flat not round) on a firm matress is the only position other than on your side. Same idiot who tells you to lay on your back will tell you to sit up straight.
      2.pain relief / management: paracetamol won't help for more than 15 minutes. You need anti inflammatories. Diclofenac potassium or sodium are the strongest over the counter. Neurofen is lighter on the liver. Always follow dosage guide.
      The nerve must return to normal for the pain to abate. Then be careful n get several doctors opinions.. not all are so wise. Best of luck. It can be managed. Matt

  • Bboss

    Well Micheal i sure as hell hope u r not pregnant, that would be a bigger problem. Sounds like a Central Nervous System problem. Could be serious if your having "private area" problems like urinary symptoms. I don't know what your insurance situation is but try and get a referral for a neurologist (nerve doc) cuz "burning and itching" pain plus back pain is nerve problems. It could literally be anything from a impinged spinal nerve to multiple sclerosis.

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