The creepy bomber, photobombing's dark side (25 Photos)

creepy bomb lead The creepy bomber, photobombing's dark side (25 Photos)

Over the past few months, The Chive has been sent hundreds of great photobombs. But we’ve noticed some of the bombers possess a certain creep factor. Their bombing runs are not made in the name of fun, but rather have an almost stalkerish quality to them. The result, the creepy bomb.

  • Bartgatsy

    love the subtle creepy here

  • Aimes

    Who are these guys anyway? drunk craven-eyed freaks!

  • Equalizer

    Some of them probably stalkers…

  • George

    Love the zombie Dorothy one. The guy in the back looks like an actual zombie!

  • Jonny

    photo #19 has a double-bomb. Lovin’ it

  • gOOOOOU!

    Why are there so many white girls in here? I almost forgot America had a white majority until I saw this post.

  • Anonymous

    Are they creepy because the photos have semi-attractive girls in the foreground?

  • Type6

    2nd pic from the bottom up…


    Nazdravje punce!

  • hannah


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  • Big Bob

    On pic #15, I’m not sure what’s more creepy, the guy staring into the camera or the two guys in the background (white shirts with beers) that seem to be whispering sweet nothings to each other.

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