I'm not sure if this is shopped? (21 photos)

a i think sopped 15 I'm not sure if this is shopped? (21 photos)

  • Jonathan Passow

    Actually, some of those are not shopped.

    • alex

      yeah, the last one looks legit

  • Gem

    the sniper over looking the cricket match is real.

  • pundit

    The trumpet bear is real. He was some mascot for a Spanish Soccer team. Forgot the name of the team though.

    • Viking

      He was playing a song of his people for you. ^_^

  • Equalizer

    That flying buggy is not shopped. I know cause, I have one at home….

  • katie

    neither is the buff seagull. I also have one at home.

  • Ampatent

    Looked up the bible quote, it’s real…. also awesome.

    • Balls

      It also said that if a woman is raped in the city and doesn’t scream loud enough, then she shall be stoned to death.

  • Psara

    ALL of them are real. Fact.

  • crabbieguy

    The grave digger one is real I know a guy that has one.

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  • Maddie

    there all real, i have all of them.

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  • jozef

    i can tell by the pix0lz

  • jamen

    @ #10 from the bottom….. “you maniacs! daaaaaamn yoooos! daaaamn yoooos all to hell!”

    and the shark one is real, i know cause i have one too.

  • Nobody

    Orange, you didn’t expect people to actually quote a verse from scripture in it’s context, did you?

  • :))


  • :))

    orangepinapple, bla, bla, with your bible. shut up and have some fun. don’t try to be interesting.

  • cody

    The one with the wave isn’t as funny after the tsunami in Japan. It really is real.

  • cody

    The wave one isn't so funny after the tsunami in japan. It really is real,

  • Yusuke

    I spend most of my day on here ..all i fricking wentad was to overpay for a goddamn t-shirt and I can’t even do that. Think you guys would have your shit together when you post something like this.

  • WTF


  • orangepinapple

    Read it again, because the bible quote talks about falsehood. If a woman is presented as a maid and her virginity is put into question her family will present tokens to prove her virginity. If she is found to be a virgin then her accuser is found guilty of evil against a maiden and will be chastised by the elders (he could be stoned or banished depends on the elder’s judgment). If the woman is found to be a non-virgin then she shall be stoned for dishonoring her family and the tribe.
    So, yeah good going guys with placards.

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