That's a huuuuge bitch *Warning Graphic* (5 photos)

a kill big bear 31 That's a huuuuge bitch *Warning Graphic* (5 photos)

  • Xac

    What a shame.

    • ayu

      I hate them. What a pity the animal. They can boast of this shameful act..?

  • Lance

    Gee, congratulations. The world is a better place now. Wish the bear could have at least taken one of them out, too. Maybe not as many smiles then.

  • Equalizer

    Why don't you hunter play paintball instead… That is an endangered animal!!!…

    • mike

      To all you disconnected urban ignoramuses: you have no idea how big a griz really is, nor how deadly a sport hunting them can be. They will kill you. You are on their home field, they can see and smell you for miles, and if you wound one, he will hunt you down on pure adrenaline, and make a wet spot on the ground with your puny human body…

    • mac

      no it's not… that's a Kodiak. They are actually over populating the island and the mainland. They're having problems because the bears are whipping out the elk and moose populations because there's so many of them. Do your research before you start ranting…

  • Aaron

    mmmmmmmm…..bear burger.

  • Hipstersipliquidshit

    fuck i should shoot those redneck fuck inbred scum cumshot

  • Frank

    I am all for hunting if the person eats what they kill. But how the hell are those two guys going to eat a bear!

  • Bobby Drake

    Wow, apparently no one who views this website is an outdoorsmen or sportsmen…and no that bear is not endangered…I really don’t think the good folks here at the chive would post pictures of some outlaws poaching an endangered species. Good kill, hunters, thats one for the record books.

    • Lori

      Why kill such a magnificent beast?

      • ONETIME

        because its fucking awesome that's why.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Bobby, I’m a bowhunter in Olympic National Forest. No, I don’t ‘need’ to hunt for my food or anything, there are stores. However, we get an elk, a deer, pheasants, etc, and we can make them last all year with venison roasts, Thanksgiving dinners, gifts to friends, etc. We don’t go out to see how much we can kill and brag about it. We could easily take down a few apiece, but we take what we will use instead. There is a fine line between sportsmanship and douchebaggery. These guys ran way past that line when they decided that killing=showing off. I can only imagine what living with them would be like.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Wellll. There’s nothing wrong with hunting. Heck we hunt all the time (in the supermarket, at McDonalds). Of course, we’re not actually taking the lives, but lives have been taken.

    There is a very thin line about this subject. I can’t say that they are being douchbags without knowing their story. Perhaps, they are going after this one bear, and will not waste it’s meat. We really don’t know. At first I was a bit angry that they took photos of the animal with smiles, but (in a way) we do the same. We celebrate food. We celebrate the death of a living thing for our own consumption. How many steak ads and lobster commercials have we seen in our lifetime that shows people eating and enjoying themselves? How many food fights have we been in (or at least wanted to participate in) without thinking about the living things former lives?

    Yeah, I was a bit disturbed by their care-free nature of showing a dead bear, but if they use their prey wisely and not waste it, it’s not wrong. It’s just a pizza commercial in a different form (theoretically). They are excited about their meal.

    Now if they are just hunting just for the sport of it, sure that’s disgusting and wrong. We just don’t know what their goal is with this. They are innocent until proven guilty.

  • One Sick Puppy

    must feel so liberating to be able to shoot an animal that doesn’t carry a gun…

  • hmmmm

    you all are a bunch of cry baby hippies. they needed a new rug.

  • Erwin

    Wankers. Hope the bear’s son gets them next time they venture in the woods. By the way, hunting is for loosers. I hope that one day there will be a law installed that hunters may get hunted. So when you start hunting, other people may hunt you. That will make it a trill sport.

  • ReadingBLSDMF

    I had a run in once with a Mother and 2 cubs(wrong place , wrong time). I feared for my life that day. Had no cubs showed up 3 feet from my feet and just the biggin', I would have shot . But snowballs finally worked.
    This is the biggest bear I ever saw. I would have been scared shitless had I missed or just wounded her. Kudo's to the fearless hunters.

    F**k the PETA/ Anti Hunters of the world. Go live together in the desert. From the beginnings of time,we hunted for food………..veggens, don't put me down for eating what I shoot/kill. Grocery store meat, go watch how they kill chickens, especially when chicks aren't egg producers(they put them in a high speed chopper/blender), steer…they shoot sometimes 3,4,5 times b4 it dies.Do you have leather shoes, handbags,belts, home furnishings? F++K you too.

    Me, never hadda shoot a deer or turkey more than once. I take careful aim to do a humane vitals kill.

    • ummm....

      F**king eh!! So true look up veggan on the web. Veggan = Hypocrite!
      Peta stop pushing you views onto everyone – this is a FREE country to do what we please and and to eat what we please. Do do see us forcing you to buy a chain saw to eat your bark off trees!

    • wes

      Well said. Hunting controls over population, and actually helps the species by controlling disease and starvation. Maybe if the animals had somewhere to live then there wouldn't be these problems. Maybe its you all who industralize and live in citys that are the real evil. Just saying, dont play yourselfs out to be angels you earth killing fckers.

  • boneman

    I like the idea of hunting hunters.

    • mat

      you'd loose

      • mat


  • Adam B.

    i think instead of having a law about being able to hunt the hunters that there should be a liberal hunting season. it ought to be legal to beat the snot out of any tree hugging liberal year round. i won’t go as far as to say that we should be allowed to shoot them, but i don’t think i’d shed a tear if that happened either.

  • immalawyer

    Lemme tell you a little something, a store bought chicken gets what? A little enclosed area where it can't even move, can't even sh*t. They live in a godam jail cell where all they can do is eat and sh*t eggs, eat and sh*t eggs, eat and sh*t eggs, over and over again their whole lives. And if they're lucky, they get to get slaughtered meaning they get plucked alive (my dad once worked in a chicken factory) and eventually get their head cut off, if tey don't die from the trauma first.
    Oh but somehow that's better than the bear, that gets to live a life like it was intended to live, then suddenly BAM in an instant it doesn't know it's dead.

    Oh yeah, that's right, when you go to the supermarket, or go through the drive through at mcdonalds, you don't have to think about the blood squirting out of the chicken that was tortured it's whole life…do you. You don't have to be the one to kill the chicken, or skin it or gut it. No, you go back to your desk job or whatever it is you do and never think about it again.

    Hunters have to go to all the work of finding the bear, then they have to kill it, and skin it themselves, and gut it, and cut the meat off the bones, etc. What do you do? McDonalds.

    So whether you people that don't like hunting so much have a point, I don't want to hear anybody bitching about how bad it is. Life is life, and if the bear doesn't die, something else has to.

    Obviously I don't like people that hunt simply for the sport of it and don't eat their kill but hunters actually have to get their hands dirty, they are the ones that have to actually see the dead animal, inside and out. They see the consequences of killing an animal, and every hunter I've ever met has much more respect for life than anyone else I've met.

    • mike

      The replies to this bear posting restore my faith in humanity. Not all chivers are tree hugging , PETA lovers!!!!!

  • Haggard

    alright. bear is fucking great. id love to taste that and anything i killed. heck id be proud if i shot that. first thing that came to mind when i saw it! right on guys

  • immalawyer

    Actually bear meat is pretty good, (I live in alaska) but hell it ain’t worth it to me to go hunt them. I’d only shoot one in self defense.

  • Anonymous

    How about we get rid of grocerey stores and resturants. But you can eat whatever you want, so long as you get it yourself. Pick your own veggies, hunt your own meat.

  • APS

    I was a little shocked when i saw this on the website. The guy in the pictures is a personal friend. He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and we have hunted together many times. We eat everything will kill, in fact, I ate sausage from that very bear. All of you that talk poorly about hunting need to stop blabbing your BS and read a book. The Fish and Game Depts in all states are the ones who issues game tags and these same depts are also in charge of conservation. Also, grizzly bears are not endangered. Actually there are over 30,000 in Alaska alone, compared to the 1300 in the lower 48. (a population desimated by society, not hunters) People like all of you who made assumptions about these people, just by seeing a few pictures, are what is wrong with our society.

  • your father

    LuL for all the time that bear spent in that forest some fucktards with no respect decided to but-fuck it and shoot it in the back… You wanna be a hunter, then hunt, but this is sport… killing for what again, sport… For what again, so you can line your walls?

    Lol… how endearing. It would have been more of a thrill just watching the fuckin bear. instead you gotta shoot it and put the pics on the net so the rest of the douchbags can bust a load over how nice it would be to shoot an animal for no reason other than their trashy sense of pride….

    • CaptainKnowledge

      You are ignorant. Read a book big guy.

  • JustSumGuy

    Do any of you anti-hunting fools realize that should hunting be cut out completely (at least in the US) populations would go completely out of whack (especially in the case of deer in the Northern states). Due to our destruction of habitats natural predators have pretty much taken a nose dive off of the radar, causing all kinds of problem with population control (the destruction of vegetation by the overabundance of herbivores, road accidents involving animals etc. etc.). Hunting is a necessity. So get the F* off your high horses. And should the men that managed to bag this big guy come across my post, Nice job. That’s a fine trophy, and make sure to send me some jerky from that guy.

    • justsomegirl

      No, idiot, if we stayed out of it nature would balance itself. Just like it did long before we came into being. Hunting is not a necessity.

  • klinteastwood

    Shut the fuck up you treehugging faggots

  • Tiny Tim

    Deer and bear are two very different creatures. I’ve never seen anyone with bear whistles on their car to prevent car accidents. Whether they eat the bear or not, whether there are 1000’s of others, it’s simply a shame to destroy such a magnificent creature.

  • that other guy who don't care

    this is an old pic. these two guys up in alaska were hunting bear, yes. they did not intend on killing that particular one. it actualy charged them. and when they found out where it was living (just a few yard away). human remains were also found. so to all you horses’ asses out there who like to say stuff without knowing what the f* they are talking about go screw.

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