That's a huuuuge bitch *Warning Graphic* (5 photos)

a kill big bear 31 That's a huuuuge bitch *Warning Graphic* (5 photos)

  • Carlos MV

    fuck em all


    LOL yes we all came from a hunter gather sense but not this type, not for fun. We killed because we needed to eat the food today we just kill for boredom, how pathetic we find life that we end it when we are bored. This exists today with slaughter houses that we lock up animals in terrible conditions and genetically splice them so unnaturally that turkey’s and chicken’s leg break, then they get scooped up and you eat that unnatural meat. I know it’s manly to eat meat and shoot guns, but be a real gun slinger like Annie Oakley and be a sports shooter, that takes way more talent. And also, that genetically enhanced meat you eat from the store, causes impotency, nothing more manly than not being able to get hard… So just reconsider your thoughts on what we HAD to do, and what we WANT to do today.

  • J. Chop2099

    Hey everybody, we are descended from hunters! Who would have thunk! I am tired of hearing this argument when it comes to big game hunting. We have evolved from our hunting and gathering relatives into a supposed species of logical and educated beings. These guys did not kill that bear for meat, and the person that tells you they did is a LIAR. They did it for one reason only, and that was to hang their trophy on their wall or fancy entrance way so that all of their guests could be intrigued by an exciting hunting story. Give me a break about species surviving as a whole due to “game management”. That’s why brown bears on the “whole” are a declining species. Shove your backwoods logic, buddy. We should start hunting you!

  • lornagdoon


  • Girls We’d Love to Wake Up to. |

    […] I try to post articles that you’ll find interesting and/or helpful, and try to avoid just a series of pictures. This series of pictures though i found completely unavoidable and had to show you. This guy and maybe his buddy killed this bear. The bear’s paw is bigger than this guy’s face. How they did it, I don’t know. Check it out, you know you want to. (TheChive) […]

  • BigWill

    all you liberals need to go to the grand canyon, line up single file and jump off one by one

  • Mark

    Y is it that the same group of people that are against hunting, approve of murdering babies????

  • jibbers

    “Shake that Bear!”

  • Meat Eater

    These hunters are douchebags.

  • Brad

    I hunt and fish, and I’m a liberal. What I kill I eat. Killing a bear won’t make your shriveled little conservative penis any larger… What’s the point of hunting bear, or shooting wolves from helicopters like that disaster Palin?

  • mrsindianaj

    wow. you guys who are all “omg what assholes!”
    just seriously have issues.
    if you don’t want to see it, then don’t look.
    don’t come on and bash a person’s way of life.
    as most mothers say
    “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”
    on a higher:
    that is one huge ass bear!

  • meg

    hope you are happy mutherfukers.. go kill a deer or somthin not a beautiful bear.. i mean unless it was gonna kill ur redneck asses

  • anaition

    Hunting for food’s ok, but huntin’ 4 the sake of killin’ an animal (and taking a pic w/ its corpse) is retarded. I guess i’d consider it a sport if u fought the bear w/ your bare hands (and maybe your teeth)

  • confused

    the most interesting game in the world is man, let me hunt one of them motherfuckers down and put them on my mantle and just with a knife ha ha

  • ffs

    Um… killing is bad, mkay?

  • jt

    some of you that are complaining are probably the same dumb shits that are vegetarians, that don’t eat meat and lecture everyone around you about eating meat and how it’s cruel………

    yet you wear leather shoes, belts and carry leather wallets and purses.



  • robin yates

    I still think there was no need to kill such a magnificent animal, hunting for food is totally ok but shooting an animal like this with a high power rifle for sport is sickening

  • Sid

    For crying out loud, are you people for real? What right do you have to judge the reality these men live in? Does it not occur to any of you that it now seems only politically correct to attack hicks, rednecks, hillbillies, etc. (read white, lower-middle-class males – the kind of men I'd like to have at my back when the shooting starts)? There is nothing to indicate that they are poachers, that they are yahoos glorifying in killing for the sake of killing. (You say more about your own attitude than theirs with such comments). You smug city-dwelling jerk-offs wouldn't last a day in the woods where that bear was found (and what a movie that would make! – oh, wait, its been done). And those guys were showing the size of the animal, the size of those claws, the ferocity of the beast in the only way they could with a still photo. Have you never seen a bear claw necklace? What other way do these men have to convey the experience they have just been through than with these pictures? You should be ashamed for the anger, hypocrisy, santimonious judgments, and outrageously over-the-top pronouncements you have made. Go find something worthwhile to do with your time. Try a little tolerance.

  • Czech

    i would like to stab the retarded one in the face. And then take pictures of me pissing on his fucking hunting rifle.

  • JJJ

    All you tards out there that want to hunt humans like you say in your posts – go for it. The Army will be more that willing to sign you up and ship your dumb ass off to the middle east or elsewhere to hunt all the humans you want.

  • USLethal

    It amazes me how many people on here are anti hunting. God forbid there is ever an event that leads to this ever weakening nation to have to actually survive without grocery stores. I agree that no animal should be hunted simply to have most of it put to waste. However, make no mistake people. That bear would probably rip your animal activist faces off simply because it could. Ever heard of Timothy Treadwell AKA Grizzly Man? He was pretty much obsessed with them, until a grizzly came into his campsite on night and mauled him and his girlfriend to death. It's like all those shark activists claiming that people are killed by them as a case of "mistaken identity". Yeah, ok. The only animals that give a fuck about us being caring, feeling human beings are ourselves.

  • Jason Leepart

    Bet it would have sucked to drag him out of the bush.

  • Ben

    What if the bear killed one of the hunters? Wouldn't they track it down and kill it? That's the only problem I have with hunting, It's unbalanced. We could use a few less people around here anyways. That being said that is one big fucking bear.

  • TOEFL Vorbereitung

    A person necessarily help to make significantly articles I might state. That is the very first time I frequented your web page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual submit incredible. Excellent task!

  • Mikhail

    Americans are so stupid.. If you want to target practice go to a damn gun range and feel like rambo there. Rednecks do not respect other animals. Hope that bear finds your wife and or daughter.

  • BigCountry

    Loosers Looser Loosers, go to school

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even hunt, but I have nothing against it… It is funny how many people don’t realize that a huge reason that a number of game species weren’t totally destroyed by habitat loss is because of the hunters that were interested in the well-being of the species as a whole. Groups like Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever have done more good for the game they target than groups like PETA.
    A bunch of fuckin hippies crying to the world on their computers never saved anything.

  • immalawyer

    Not a bad idea actually

  • Anonymous

    thats not a endangered species you dumb ass

  • JJ

    Can’t stand these people. Fight hand to hand (or paw) and then brag about it. Cowards.

  • steffanie

    ok no one really knows if they are not going to eat all the meat you cannot say that they will not first how big is there family? and isnt hunting kind of a see who can get the biggest animal? stop being jelous and just move on bitterness gets no one any where P.S before anyone comments about spelling or grammer sorry!!

  • LOL

    Whether or not you all realize it, we are ALL descended from hunters. We are the apex predator on this planet. None of us would be here if our ancestors hadn’t killed animals just like this one.

    Is it a shame for the individual bear? Sure. Now she won’t be out in the woods crapping…but the species as a whole will survive. Careful management of game by hunters, and management of the hunters by the law leads to a win win situation for all.

    The fees paid by ALL hunters go towards the preservation of wild lands across America. If it weren’t for the BILLIONS spent by hunters every year, many animals would starve to death.

    And it is a felony to waste the meat…so you can all bet your asses that the meat was either processed for these hunters or donated to a needy family.

    As for the celebratory smiles on the hunters faces…YOU CAN DAMN WELL BET YOUR ASS I WOULD BE SMILING THAT BIG TOO IF I TOOK HER. They probably worked their asses off trying to get her. And it is an accomplishment to kill an animal that big, even with modern weapons.

    Good job guys! Good job!

  • huntersarepussies

    STFU with the lameass humans-evolving-from-hunters excuse. So? That bear wasn't killed for food or sustenance or survival by these cowards. It was sport and you know it. They're little pink peckers probably sprung up out of their beer bellies for the first time since last hunting season. I'd like to hunt and chase them down until they collapse in exhaustion and terror.

  • layne25348

    that’s “an endangered” enstein

  • Bob

    Well technically, that particular animal was endangered, as illustrated by its death, but the species is not, so you’re both right.

  • that guy

    That’s “Einstein” you fucking idiot…and no, this type of bear is not endangered.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m sure you’ve NEVER made an assumption about someone. Not the guy on the corner with the sign, the guy in the wheelchair with one leg, the fat chick, nope. No assumptions with you.

  • LOL




  • steffanie

    Thank god finally some one with there head on right

  • steffanie

    You tell them to get a job well if you clearly knew anything about hunting you would know it’s not the cheepest sport out there it’s quite costly. And if you dont hunt for fun what do you hunt for because i hunt for the meat and it’s FUN thanks

  • Anonymous

    get a job and buy a treadmill you sickening cunt

  • Anonymous

    holy fuck all your peoples comments are fucken retarded if dont like hunting dont look at the picture there is a graphic warning no one cares about your peoples personal views on killing animals and this one is dead so its not like it matters anyway id like to know how far away it was when they shot it what kind of gun how much the fucker wieghed where it was shot taht kind of stuff not read about peoples personal opinions and cha cha cha that bear has five 6inch weapons on each paw

  • Anonymous

    stop commenting on everything your not funny and in the case of the internet your opinion doesnt matter and having a vagina doesnt cure ugly

  • Anonymous

    no, it is enstein; E=MC hammer

  • bo bo

    I couldn’t have said it better

  • Hendrik

    sorry for my bad english….no native speaker and too much be(a)er….

  • Adam

    Without hunters, the animal population would skyrocket. With that comes disease. Lot’s and lot’s of disease. And not just small things like the flu. We’re talking things like the bubonic plague all over again. Things that would cost millions of lives, all because a couple thousand bleeding hearts like you wanted to save the poor innocent animals. I think hunting is a small price to pay for what could be happening instead. You should think these things over before you call hunters criminals who should be executed.

  • Dustin

    Amen. everyone who is crying about the dead bear needs to go out and do something about the “evil hunters” if they have such a huge problem with this instead of whining and name-calling on a photo blog.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing against it either. And while I find PETA completely annoying I have to disagree a bit with you. I’m sure there are many hunters that keep a watch on the different animal counts. And that is great but the fact that this Bear is that huge and I am unsure of they are doing with the meat is the problem. It seems like from the pictures they killed just to kill. I highly doubt the bear population is so large that this was any sort of animal population control.

  • BearHug

    It’s losers………..
    I don’t understand how everyone gets that word wrong.

    But Seriously this is absolutely WRONG. Yeah we were hunters back 50 million years ago but we have evolved. We now raise our meat in small unfit cages and then ship them off to markets. Killing a wild animal that HUGE just to kill is completely stupid. I really hope every last piece of him was used just like the 50 million year old hunters would do,

  • JipC

    “I highly doubt the bear population is so large that this was any sort of animal population control.”

    Bear populations have few or no higher predator (except man) unless they are old or sick and can very easily produce to over-crowd their territories if left alone. This can be bad for the bears as food supplies can only go so far and if an area is over-crowded then the bear population can starve or sicken. Life is a very delicate balance. All legal hunters need permits which are strictly monitored by the territory’s authorities. The only hunters who don’t care about a healthy bear population are poachers (they are the same the world over). And most legitimate hunters leave very little of their kills – utilizing meat, coats, horns and paws.

    For those of you who have denigrated the legitimate hunter… don’t hunt, don’t kill, don’t eat meat, don’t wear leather or fur. Live YOUR life the way you wish to, but PLEASE stop trying to dictate how others should live theirs. It’s truly NONE of your business until they outlaw hunting!

  • Army of Dad

    For those that want to hunt hunters…fine, but we carry guns and shoot well.

  • Adam

    Try 3 million years at the very most.

  • PleaseTRY

    I would quite enjoy that. I myself am an avid outdoorsman. I hunt nearly anything. I assure you, if it came down to it… You couldnt chase down anything, the fact of the matter is, if you decided to be Mr. billy bad-ass and threaten even the most novice hunter. They would likely shoot you, take you in the woods (that big scary place you liberal-hags are affraid of) and leave you there for those sweer innocent animals you love so much, to eat the shit out of you. Till they collapse in fear? Im assuming that you see yourself as more frightening than a 2000 pound bear…
    And yes…. My "little pink pecker" (pshhh) did come out. You tool bag.

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