Dating site chicks, using camera angles to lie (12 Photos)

dating site lies Dating site chicks, using camera angles to lie (12 Photos)

  • Equalizer

    I’ll date the last girl…

  • lina

    what’s the problem with the first girl…infact with most of these girls?? they are hot.. i am a girl, but if i wasnt i would date them.

    • Chiconahui

      Oh dear… you do the same… right… you can deny it, you lie with the camera… right? shame on you…

  • Aaron

    that last one…..just brutal.

  • LMAO

    lol, lina are you the first girl ?

  • Jordo

    Whats wrong with fat girls? um… is that a real question? They clearly have issues of some sort, and eating makes them feel good. So they eat, and eat, and eat, till know one, not even online will date them. Plus the fact that they cant see whats more important… feeling good for this 2 min or have the rest of the world judge me on my appearance.

    Thats whats wrong with them.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      Doctor Myso Cunt has talked

  • Mr. Zog

    brutal. and true.

  • boneman

    dang! Has no one ever heard about judging a book by the cover?
    The simplest fact is, if you don’t know them, you have no idea what you’re judging. I’ll tell you what, folks. Those of you who have the harshest judge going here? Stop in front of a mirror for a while (not just long enough to comb your hair and pinch your zits…but a WHILE.
    …and take a good, long look. You will do one of two things.
    See the mistakes, oddities, and bad news about your own appearance,
    you’ll continue in eluding the truth by thinking you’re something worthwhile.

    Heck, send a picture to the Chive Bros. Maybe they’ll post it under “perfection”….
    I sent one of me with a gut and a towel. But then, I’m quite comfortable with my mistakes.

  • tyrone mixon

    that’s a lot more than angles

  • d-MAC

    Fat chicks need love too… they just have to pay for it! giggidy giggidy,… alllllll right!

  • Giraffe

    i’m going with the ‘brutal but true’ crowd on this one

  • blueberryvoodoo

    hahahaha, the last one is like an asian Kitty for Arrested Development, almost makes me wonder if it’s on purpose

  • Eddie

    People that are trying to take care of themselves don’t have time for slobs.I hope thats not too deep for you.

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  • robin yates

    I cannot see the point in uploading a pic which gives a false impression,, the truth will be out when they meet someone in real, so better be honest from the start

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  • FatChicksStink

    I look in the mirror everyday, and you know what? I hit the gym everyday for 2 hours so i can change my “imperfections”.

    I will go with brutal, but very true as well.

    People that disagree are either fat, or have fat significant others.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      And then he looks himself in the mirror, stares at the other men in the gym, looks at himself again, asks them to go out, they say no, he works out harder and do the same over and over (and in between hates fatties).

      I ain't no fatty have no fatties with me but really hate gymcunts.
      Anytime, anywhere cunt.

  • dino goposaur

    regarding bigger girls: Meat is for the man, bone is for the dog.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      Thou art wise

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  • Psara

    Most of the “real” pics are just bad photos. But Lina’s right, the first girl is really cute in both pics 🙂

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  • sickofit

    HATE the big sunglasses

  • Jordo

    LOL! Eddie, I think that every day! I know I’m not perfect, but I sure as hell dont let a little vise like feeling full make me more inperfect! And yeah, this world is a busy place, ond no one has time for fat people or there lame ass excuses for being fuck’en fat!

    • Haylie


      I can say in all honesty, that I do not speak for the world..however most would probably not have the time to decipher what you wrote there either.
      Since it is such a busy world and all.

  • Mike HawK

    Girls take aerial shots from angles to trick guys. Or when they have a bunch of pics and they are all from the same angle….your not fooling me 😀

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