Asians are totally normal, not weird at all (20 Photos)

asian weird lead Asians are totally normal, not weird at all (20 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    #2 and 11; so ronery

  • Equalizer

    Picture # 4 Nice Ride

  • w3rw0lf

    I like asians. They are friendly and helpful everytime. They respect seniors … and asian girls are awesome, hot and sweet!

    • USLethal

      I agree!

  • omnomnomnom

    riding a stingray is pretty fucking epic

  • robin yates

    I live in the Philippines and I love everything about SE Asia

  • Diamonds

    Rainbow girl is hot.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Look! That turtle is trying to climb over the other turtle. Come ‘on boy, you can do it, you can do it!!

  • Digitsis

    Japanese people are weird. That kid drinking the marihuana tea looks pretty blissed 😛

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe that chick thinks her dog would rather be carried like a purse then be on a lease

  • Lady Shamisen

    It’s a bit tight including a picture of a disabled girl as an example of ‘not being normal’! The kid was born without legs and as her family were so poor they couldn’t afford prosthetic legs. So that, as she grew, she could have a bit more of a life than, say, being put in a drawer, they cut a basketball in half so that she could move around using her arms and not rub her flesh raw against the floor.

    Almost as good as the time thechive posted a picture of a little kid with a deadly and disfiguring disability and a caption comparing it to gollum. Poor taste guys.

    • steve

      SHUT UP!

  • Diana

    Girl on left in # 7 is a sweet rorita, girl on right is a visual kei – er. Not weird, totally normal in the Harajuku.

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  • BobIsNotMyName

    #7 isn’t really weird they’re expressing themselves

  • mr_letch

    acctually, a lot of pictures here are pretty normal to Asians… maybe they categorized it weird because they never saw things like these in their country…

  • Lynn

    Yeah TheChive, pretty low blow about that disabled girl. You must be a fucking idiot if you find that funny; it's not like she or her family had a choice.

  • Gabby

    I dont underdtand why so racist. Honestly think about, what is taboo to us is normal for them. And the crazy shit we do is taboo for them. Seriously grow away from racism and grow more to love. Come on use your brain more than stupidity.

  • bangke

    Wtf john

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  • HellHathNoFury

    AGREED. I wasn’t going to be so tactful.

  • Andrew

    Damn straight. I mean I can be amused at everything else, but pointing a finger and saying ‘Haha, look at the disabled poor person’ doesn’t exactly strike me as any kind of humor.

  • Equalizer

    so is your mom

  • Equalizer

    So is my mom.

  • Drake

    Little Advice for Diana—Don’t admit to a male that you know that information.

  • Pootah

    It’s a manta ray, not a stingray.

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