NHL Ice Girls don't suck at all (15 photos)

a hot nhl ice girls 0 NHL Ice Girls don't suck at all (15 photos)

  • Steve

    GO HAWKS!!!

  • hossmank

    Why is there only 1 photo?

  • Jesper

    Cant see 15 photos :S

  • D

    Only part of hockey that is worth watching.

  • GF

    They should.

  • Equalizer

    The girl from 2nd to the last is so HOT!!!…

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Go Stars!

  • Aaron

    good call hockey. good call.

  • doodahdoodoo

    lol @ #3 and #11…. ah, so many broken dreams in their eyes. i wish god was alive to see this.

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    […] • Sexy NHL Ice Girls […]

  • aaron

    Bruins ice girls are missing, they are legit.

  • angellove

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  • Mitch

    DooDahDooDoo, I actually went to school with the girl in #11. She has no broken dreams and only does the ice girl on the side I believe. She has a Degree from a very reputable private school in Ohio and she’s from Chicago so she’s doin the Blackhawks thing. So don’t criticize and laugh, she’s probably living a much better life than you are at this point.

  • Charley572

    The girl in the third picture looks a lot like Carrie Underwood.

  • Hockey93

    Devin Setoguchi and Chris Mason..

    They want some..

  • http://www.schoolyourpool.com

    Islanders ice girls are the best IMO.

  • ma67cpe

    Go stars

  • Elmer

    These NHL Ice Girls are definitely the most beautiful AND talented in all of sports.

  • ice melt global warming

    You are my intake , I own few web logs and very sporadically run out from to brand.

  • Uh huh...

    Yeah! This is the Chive afterall! Don’t you get it yet DooDahDooDoo? We take every photo very seriously and never poke fun at anything here!

    lighten up Mitch…

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