Antique cell phones (16 photos)

antique cell phones 11 Antique cell phones (16 photos)

  • Equalizer

    I remember my dad used to have one of those old phone before

  • mad

    my second phone is in there.

  • crabbieguy

    My first phone was the second one on the list.

  • jozef

    motorola startac is still the best, coolest phone ever even now.

  • Gogo


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  • aaron

    i loved my startac…..small and simple.

  • climbtreez

    I still use one of the cellphones on that list. The joy of old phones is that they can make and receive calls. Thats it.

  • Psara

    Most of these are from the current decade…

  • dufus

    shit galery full of phones that arent that old who fuckin cares

  • angellove

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  • Anonymous

    Duuuude, that last one, the Nokia 6800 is still the best phone I ever had. That keyboard was so awesome!!!

  • Guru

    What, no bag phone?

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  • ross x

    i’ve owned several phones from this list. some of them aren’t even old. there like 3 years old maybe the most recent one?

    me or someone in my family has owned about 5 of them =) the old nokias with the snake game were the best. first phone i ever sent a text message from

  • HammHawk

    They all get better reception than my iPhone.

  • Really?

    hahaha … those are funny cause they existed!

    what’s the next gallery? non-flat screen TVs of the past

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  • Luxury Cell Phones

    Hey, Wow there are some antique cell phone . They are really very precious. I like this antique collection.

  • edhird

    Phones have come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell's breakthrough. Bell had a remarkable impact in so many ways. I commend to you the article "Alexander Graham Bell: Inventing the Future":

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  • Anonymous

    Anybody interested in a briefcase cell phone

  • Anomanom

    I guess i'm showing my age, but I had one back when it was a "car phone". It was a NEC. Came in a bag with a 12v battery, transceiver, antenna, and a wired handset.

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