Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

melon lead dog Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • crabbieguy

    Omegle makes me laugh almost everytime.

  • doodahdoodoo

    i don’t get the last one…. ?

    also, the second one makes me feel ways about stuff.

  • Digitsis

    I gotta say that 2nd one did not make me laugh or even smirk. Sad, she got in that situation and even sadder that someone took a picture and posted it.
    Puppy in glasses made me smile though

  • Anonymous

    Oh noes..help dat poor girl..she’s leaking.

    Samurai Stormtrooper…kewl.

  • Jordo

    Lat pic has the best body I have ever seen, hands down, no contest.

  • Psara

    This [tattoo] has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I [had it done], that’s when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the [tattoo] would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the [tattoo] on and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the wolves on [me] that I, like a wolf, am a mysterious loner who knows how to ‘howl at the moon’ from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn’t have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-[tattoo] shouldn’t settle for the first thing that comes to him.

    I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my [tattoo], I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf [tattoo].

    Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women
    Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the ‘guns’), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.

    • Frankie Muniz

      bravo sir.

      Got a good laugh out of your post.

  • hannah

    love that girl. hot.

  • angellove

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  • dave

    obviously need more of the girl in purple.

  • Equalizer

    I was thinking of saying the same thing Anonymous

  • Equalizer

    I was thinking of saying the same thing Equalizer

  • WTF

    I was thinking of saying the same– oh screw you guys.

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