There's something about Katy Perry.. (13 photos)

a katy perry hot 7 There's something about Katy Perry.. (13 photos)

  • Equalizer

    I kiss a girl and I like it… seriously, I’m going to enjoy kissing her.

  • youdummy

    yes there is something about her…she’s hot as balls!

  • bigbag2218

    equalizer die

  • Equalizer

    I’ve kissed boys too and liked it even more.

  • Kimbo

    Yeah, there is something about her… that makes you want to punch her in the face.

    • jig

      Ease off on the all the dicks shoved in your mouth. It's making you cranky.

  • C

    No actually there isn’t anything about her. Anything at all….

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  • aaron

    zooey deschanel is 1000 times hotter.

  • Bang

    I want to lick powdered sugar off her collar bones.

    • Pierre

      Is it cuz youre black and you are compelled to try to sleep with white girls? and drink purple drink? "AHHH GRAPE DRINK!"

  • hannah

    love her.

  • ehsan shahmohamadi

    i like to kiss a beautiful girl. i need a girlfriend to love.

  • Diamonds

    I prefer Lily Allen, thank you.

    • whatever

      really?!…lily allen is a sweathog

  • angellove

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  • D

    Not all that hot, but I’m sure I’d still put it inside.

  • haha

    yeah, her mellons

  • Saxondale

    Damaged goods now Brand’s been up her.

  • Mirror Man

    I'd do her, of course, but since I can't, let me point out her bad skin. She needs at least a facial.

  • LinkMünki

    I am in love with that girl even more than I love myself!

  • jobvindex

    That something are those big pair of…eyes

  • Pierre

    HEY! Stop talking about my future ex-wife like that! Bitches.

  • Bruce


  • MrTerrific

    bigbag2218 are you german?

  • clamdingdong

    Zooey Deschannel is a touch hotter but I really want to see a spread of the the two of them together half naked

  • Equalizer

    COPYCAT, why don’t you just F&*K your self!

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