US – Mexico Border photo gallery (30 photos)

a us mexico border 5 US   Mexico Border photo gallery (30 photos)

  • Psara

    See, border-watchers are obviously unemployed. That’s why they have so much time to waste trying to watch a 3,138km stretch of water and land, most of which isn’t even fenced off.

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  • Bang

    I want to break into Mexico. Then see if I can just come back.

  • s3xt0y

    They should put up a huge metal wall that is unclimbable so them dirty spiks can stay on their side of the border. 🙂
    disease ridden swine.

  • Equalizer


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    FUCK YOU s3xt0y,

    • obama sucks

      fuck you you slimy bastard……. go back across the river bitch!

      • maicol

        Fuck you you republicans balls sucker

  • D

    SEND THEM ALL BACK!!! America is like a full glass of water that somebody keeps trying to add more water to; there is no more room!!!

    They've all done such a lovely job with their own country; I guess they just want to come here and spread the wealth…..riiiight!

    • amerxican

      yeah, yeah, send us all back and then watch as america slowly but surely crumbles into nothingness…
      i love america, its been my home since i was twelve, since my mom made the heart wrenching decision to leave our home and family behind to flee the violence. she had seen friends and family slowly being murder and couldn't stand the though of my brother and I being killed aswell. I love america, I just wish more people could understand why my people keep coming here. some, like my mom, came here to flee the violence. others, come here to get a job and give their families back home a better life. its the fucking criminals that I would like to send back! they are the reason you think so badly of us. just think about our situation before you post stuffs like this ok?

  • Vicarious

    Haha @ D, yeah it would be a shame to ruin America wouldn’t it? Ahahaha thats funny

  • Inspi

    I have no issues with immigrants. So long as they learn English, just like my family and I proudly did as a sign of pride and commitment to our newly adopted home.

  • nogalito

    #25 & 27 is nogales my home town. We used to fuck with the stupid ass rednecks trying to keep out the mexicans. Viva Mixico Putos

    • fuck wet-backs

      You are a fucking idiot, and I would not only fuck with you, but you would be in for surprise butt sex….. I'd make you squeal like a fucking pig…

      • Jiub

        You guys should focus on the things you have in common. For example, both americans and mexicans seem to be really gay with a preference for buttsex.

  • ozzie

    this ain’t your country anymore guys. get over it.Why don’t all you fucks move out to another country and try to steal their shit like you did the indians? I learned english and served in the army.

    • no beaners

      fuck you dumb bitch!!!!! go get a spoon and eat my fucking ass…

  • Osama Bin De Niro

    You’ll fucking move cunt.
    Russia will fuck you good in WW3. And China. And Japan. And Germany


    Us mexico border photo gallery 30 photos.. Super 🙂

  • Guy Tan

    Nice to see racism is alive and well everyone!! Good job!! =/

  • John

    if you call the use america you are an ignorant america is a the continent, use is the country, if you are from brazil, peru, argentina, canada, haiti, use, cuba, ect. you are american because it is the america continent, use is a country and there are ways to call people from use in other languages but english docent have one and the correct term would be united station, other thing the discriminative term spick was created for puerto ricans not for mexicans lol ignorants, second thing we are all immigrants if you have an european, african, asian, middle eastern last name you are an immigrant or your ancestors were immigrants, if your last name is johnson, lopez, garsia, cugini, ect. it is not native to this lands the continent of america is a land were people from all around the world have come to this areas even the natives migrated around also……….

  • John

    USA i meant were the word use appears macbook pro sucks at correcting

  • Fuck D

    Fuck u D, Were not going anywhere bitch,

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