Baby gymnastics (8 Photos)

baby gymnastics lead Baby gymnastics (8 Photos)

Here’s the back story. Every morning this Chinese grandpa takes his 7 month-old grandson out for a precise series of gymnastic exercises. He claims this is good for the baby’s health. This is a different culture and maybe the camera lenses make this look worse than it is. My question is, can I rent the baby for tossing? I always wanted to toss a child that isn’t mine.

  • Equalizer

    By the time he reach 1yr old he’ll be diagnose with Shaken Baby Syndrome. What a lucky Grandson, he got the best Grandpa in the world.

  • Mike

    Do you really want to encourage this type of stupid behavior by showing these pics?

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  • John

    @ Mike. Calling you a whambulance and ordering you some french cries. This is the chive, if you want safe and warm, take your whiny ass over to canhazcheesburger.

  • LOL

    I’m thinking THAT explains all the circus performers I’ve EVER seen in my whole damn life! They start when they are TINY!

    I threw my babies up in the air too…not like that, but they LOVED it. And now, neither one of them is afraid of heights. They’re teenagers but they still beg their Dad to toss them around. It’s FUN for Christs sake.

    Anyone that’s pissy because thechive is setting a bad example, they prefaced it by saying this is a different culture. Get over it.

  • daisb

    aww look at john talking like this is 4chan. the pics sucked they were not funny just stupid , this place as hardcore as my grandma in a wheelchair with arthritis. (the chive rules)

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  • Mike

    I’m glad you took down the pictures of that poor little dog(if this don’t make you sad than you don’t have a heart) That was so sad.And those people they can take time to take a picture but they can’t go over and help the poor litte dog Shame on them.

  • Pantheer

    This is why westerners don’t think Asians have souls.

  • Anonymous

    they dont

  • Anonymous

    oooooo, I sring baby. make great athrete.

  • Takeshi

    Lately I’m all about specific tgeeaorics: this summer I completed each and every soundtrack, made a 70 s cd AND an Essential 70 s cd. Elvis ’60 s, Elvis Late ’60 s, Elvis ’50 s, Gospel Elvis, Rockin’ Elvis, Ballad Elvis and one I’m excited about: Cool Elvis: a collection of songs you’d play for someone who listens to current music to get them to realize how cool his music is ( Promised Land , Too Much , Power of My Love , etc) One of the many cool things about King: so much great music for so many moods. And, for cleaning the house, shuffle’s always good just see what comes up.

  • HellHathNoFury

    My thoughts exactly. It’s not as if every welfare-office stepdad really needs more jackass ideas.

  • Mike

    Eh, what do I know anyway. I wet the bed until I was 11

  • Mike

    John – I have to admit – I used to like your sight. But changing my posts is pretty low. And it seems to be 3rd grade humor. Pics on the sight are funny – you however are far from it.

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