Stree art by Blu (50 photos)

a street art blu 21 Stree art by Blu (50 photos)

Check out more of Blu’s work HERE

  • LOL

    The link provided doesn’t say where these are. What cities. The bio tab says “he really, really, like to play with words and to eat a lot”

    Anyone know more? The bike on top of the cars, and the pencil coming from the chimney down through the building, those are damn cool.

  • somethings

    This sure is some great “stree” art

  • s3xt0y

    “lol” these are all around the world.

    Banksy is better.

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  • Darsh

    … AW … AW … AW … SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi

    Impressive !!

  • skainviatofane

    LOL most of them are in italy.

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  • Item

    37 & 44 are from Wroclaw/Poland

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